Will Auburn Football Always Be Home of the Asterisk in Championships?

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IJune 30, 2011

Auburn's new football helmet?
Auburn's new football helmet?

Auburn fans love to complain that Alabama counts 13 national championships, while some Alabama fans can actually point to the record books and show more than 13.

The simple truth is that all schools can debate the merits or claims of the past to a certain extent.

In Auburn's case, however, will it ever escape the asterisk?

The Tigers' first championship in 1957 had an asterisk placed beside it because the team was on probation and banned from postseason play. AP, however, at that time voted for its national champion BEFORE postseason and voted for Auburn.

Ironically, Auburn was on probation for buying two players for the 1955 team, both brothers and both, ironically, from a minister (sound familiar?).

Even though the minister later admitted it and gave the money back, the NCAA placed Auburn on probation.

UPI named Ohio State as the national champion.

Then came all the mess over the 2004 USC Trojans having the national title stripped from them. Auburn fans actually wanted an asterisk this time to be placed beside their name as national champions.

It did not happen.

Now comes the latest Auburn championship, truly a once in lifetime event for most Auburn fans, and with the investigation that continues into Cam Newton and other irregularities, will Auburn be cursed with yet another asterisk?

For a team that has always suffered in the shadow of Alabama, does Auburn now have to continue suffering under the asterisk as well?

Only time will tell, but if it does, maybe the asterisk should be the symbol that Auburn players place on their helmets instead of the traditional AU.