CM Punk: Can Mason Ryan Cost Him the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank?

Peddie OrtonContributor IIIJune 26, 2011

CM Punk, WWE’s straight edge superstar, quite possibly the best pure wrestler in the world today, has now made up his mind about staying in Vince’s evil company that refuses to acknowledge good wrestlers, WWE.

According to the details given on Monday Night’s Raw by the straight edge superstar himself, his WWE contract is due to expire on July 17, although this is all a work by WWE, because sources say that his contract is up in September, which is actually two months from now.

Punk, a former three-time world heavyweight champion, a two-time Money in the Bank winner, a former world tag team champion and a former intercontinental champion, is one of the golden boys of the IWC.

At WWE’s second Money in the Bank PPV, CM Punk is set for a WWE championship match against “Superman” John Cena in Punk’s own hometown, Chicago. This will be one hot match, quit possible a match of the year candidate.

Now with that being said, WWE plans to have two Money in the Bank world title contract matches, one for the world heavyweight championship featuring Smackdown superstars, and one for the WWE championship featuring Raw superstars. Everyone is predicting that Alberto Del Rio will win the Raw Money in the Bank match and cash it in after the CM Punk and John Cena match. But I do not think that will happen.

I think that The New Nexus will play a part of this. Not really The New Nexus, Mason Ryan to be exact. If you have been following Raw for the past few months after Wrestlemania, you would have noticed some heat between CM Punk and Ryan, The New Nexus’s powerhouse.

I think at Money in the Bank PPV, Ryan will be in the Money in the Bank ladder match, and he will eventually win the match after some hard knocks. It makes no sense for Del Rio to win the match because he is already a made main eventer after his win at the Royal Rumble and his work with Edge and Christian. CM Punk will come out after Ryan’s Money in the Bank win and congratulate him.

Then, on to the main event of the night. CM Punk makes his entrance to a huge pop of the night from his home crowd, and last is John Cena to a huge heel reaction, although he is not a heel. The two then wrestle for a good 15 to 20 minutes, putting on the second five-star match of the year, the other being HHH vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania, with no signs of The New Nexus.

After Punk hits the GTS for a clean win of Cena, two to three minutes in his celebration, CM Punk tries to shake Cena’s hand, but he refuses and leave. Out comes the New Nexus to celebrate with Punk.

Ryan would then leave the ring with his Money in the Bank briefcase and go to the ring announcer, where he announces that he is cashing in his Money in the Bank contract for the WWE championship against CM Punk right now.

Punk and the other members of The New Nexus try to talk Ryan out of this, but he refuses and then clears the ring, leaving Punk alone. The bell then rings, and a loud CM Punk chant can be heard from the crowd. CM Punk then begs for Ryan to rethink this. About three minutes into the match, CM Punk hits his GTS finisher but Ryan kicks out at a two count.

Punk looks to be in so much shock as he fails to realise that Ryan has recovered and is ready to hit the Powerbomb, and he pins Punk, but Punk would then kick out at two, creating a huge pop once again. He goes for it again and then gets the three counts to some huge heat of the night. Ryan would then celebrate to an echo of heat and then leave.

CM Punk then gets up and cuts a farewell promo saying that he is not going away forever and when he returns, Ryan will be the first on his hit list. He then bids farewell and the cameramen shows us female fans crying. The PPV closes and we are all left in shock and emotions,

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