Notre Dame Football: Safety John Turner Earns Offer the Hard Way

Dan ScofieldAnalyst IJune 28, 2011

Brian Kelly added another RKG to his program this past weekend.
Brian Kelly added another RKG to his program this past weekend.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Usually when a player commits to Brian Kelly and Notre Dame, he is a well-known commodity that not only holds an offer from the Irish, but from many other top suitors throughout the nation.

This weekend, however, Kelly picked up another big-time commitment. This time, it came in the form of John Turner, the fifth defensive back in the recruiting haul of 2012.

Unlike his fellow defensive backfield commitments, Turner wasn't handed an offer from the get-go. In fact, he visited the South Bend campus twice, leaving empty handed after both trips.

However, what he was given was a promise by the coaching staff. 

Turner was given word that if he could achieve a 4.5 time in the 40-yard dash while performing well at last week's camp, he would be extended a scholarship offer to his dream school. Taking that promise to heart, Turner knew what he had to do in order to reach his goal of becoming a Notre Dame football player.

And when the time came for Turner to run his 40 in front of the staff, he achieved just that. After running the 40-yard dash in exactly 4.5, and standing out in the coaches' eyes all camp, he was given a verbal offer from Kelly.

Turner knew immediately that he would accept that offer and returned to the campus on Sunday in order to tell the staff the good news in person. With his commitment, the Irish now have a solid and talented group of defensive backs already hauled in halfway through summer. Although that may close up spots for more talented defensive backs, this will allow Kelly and his staff to focus in on some elite names if they are indeed interested in coming to Notre Dame.

As Kelly always preaches, he wants only the RKG's (Right-Kind-of-Guy's) in his program. If Turner isn't in the ideal mold of an RKG, then who can be?

This isn't to say that players who "earn" their offers, like Turner, are for the better. In fact, some may argue that although this shows the player has an extremely high work ethic, he may not possess the raw talent that the elite teams must field.

On the other hand, every program needs a healthy blend of natural talent, hard-workers, and a mix of the two. After all, that seems to be a promising recipe for a BCS championship-winning team in most eyes.