Breaking News: CM Punk Goes out of Script; Leaving WWE Sooner Than Later

Peddie OrtonContributor IIIJune 27, 2011

If you had watch Monday Night Raw, you would have noticed a very poor show by WWE. The Main Event featured John Cena and R-Truth in a Tables Match. CM Punk came out and cost Cena the match. But after costing Cena the match, he cut a promo that shocked us all.

He sat on the stage and said that he does not hate John Cena. In fact he loves him more than anyone else backstage. He said Cena is not the best in the ring, but he is the best at kissing Vince's ass. He is even better than Hulk Hogan doing it. He even mentioned the Rock in it (which is going to draw some real heat).

Punk said he's the best wrestler in the world and has been since day one, when Paul Heyman saw it in him. He said he is not respected for what he does and he will leave with the WWE Championship. He said Brock Lesner left, but not with the title like how he is going to do it.

He then talked about not getting any movie roles and not even being on the Raw opening promo. He talked about going to New Japan Pro Wrestling or ROH and defending the WWE Championship there. He said that Vince is a millionaire and not a billionaire. He even wished death on Vince and that Vince's daughter and son-in-law will take over the company when he (Vince) dies.

His mic was cut off and Raw went off the air. This is breaking script. I could never imagine WWE wanting Punk to cut a promo like this. Punk may as well be fired. Let's wait and see what happens. I doubt this is a work.