MLB Final Power Rankings and 2009 Predictions

D.A.Senior Writer IOctober 30, 2008

2008 Final Power Rankings

1. Philadelphia Phillies: The World Series champions finally have brought a major sports title to the City of Brotherly Love.

2. Tampa Bay Rays: I'll admit I was skeptical and thought that their success was unsustainable. It wasn't—until their magic couldn't last throughout the World Series.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers: Manny carried this team on his shoulders and made everybody else on the team that much better.

4. Boston Red Sox: They lost their division title to the Rays and Lester couldn't sustain his skills against the Rays.

5. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: They were the best team in baseball the entire year...and then collapsed in the postseason.

6. Chicago Cubs: They were the second best team in baseball the entire year...and then collapsed in the postseason.

7. Milwaukee Brewers: CC Sabathia carried this team on his shoulders and Ryan Bruan/Prince Fielder provided the power.

8. Chicago White Sox: They stumbled into the postseason and the big bats and quality pitching disappeared.

9. Minnesota Twins: They almost stumbled into the postseason, but couldn't beat the Kansas City Royals or the White Sox in Chicago.

10. New York Mets: Collapse repeat. It was a good team that just couldn't finish and had bullpen problems.

11. New York Yankees: A big payroll and no playoffs for the first time in a long time and a disappointing seasons.

12. Toronto Blue Jays: Good pitching staff but injuries plagued them.

13. Houston Astros: A Hurricane is not the reason they lost or almost got no-hit two nights in a row. The team just collapsed after being resurrected.

14. St. Louis Cardinals: Were a major contender for half of the year. Like the Mets, bullpen problems were major.

15. Florida Marlins: They made the NL East a three-team race for the majority of the year but couldn't stay on the train.

16. Arizona Diamondbacks: They owned the NL West...until Manny arrived.

17. Cleveland Indians: They finished the season strong at .500, although they still underachieved.

18. Texas Rangers: Terrible pitching couldn't make up for their high-powered offense.

19. Kansas City Royals: They finished the season strong, but struggled throughout the year.

20. Colorado Rockies: It's sad that the Rockies were a contender for the majority of the year. From World Series to chumps.

21. Detroit Tigers: The Tigers underachieved throughout the whole year, with disappointments in Dontrelle Willis and Edgar Renteria.

22. Oakland A's: A team loaded with so much talent, but couldn't produce.

23. Atlanta Braves: This was a young core and it showed.

24. San Francisco Giants: Tim Lincecum and Aaron Rowand are no CC Sabathia and Manny Ramirez. They need more people to help the team.

25. Cincinnati Reds: They traded their big bats away, waving the white flag in the middle of the season.

26. Baltimore Orioles: Like the A's, loaded with talent, but couldn't produce and had pitching woes.

27. Pittsburgh Pirates: They had surprise bats and arms, but they're the Pirates.

28. San Diego Padres: The worst team in the worst division. Nothing good happened.

29. Seattle Mariners: 101 losses...anything else need to be said?

30. Washington Nationals: 102 far the worst team in the MLB.

2009 Predictions—Very Preliminary

AL East

1. New York Yankees (1)
2. Toronto Blue Jays* (4)
3. Boston Red Sox (5)
4. Tampa Bay Rays (10)
5. Baltimore Orioles (12)


AL West

1. Texas Rangers (3)
2. Los Angeles Angels (7)
3. Oakland A's (11)
4. Seattle Mariners (14)


AL Central

1. Minnesota Twins (2)
2. Cleveland Indians (6)
3. Chicago White Sox (8)
4. Detroit Tigers (9)
5. Kansas City Royals (13)


NL East

1. New York Mets (2)
2. Florida Marlins* (4)
3. Philadelphia Phillies (5)
4. Atlanta Braves (11)
5. Washington Nationals (16)


NL West

1. Colorado Rockies (3)
2. Los Angeles Dodgers (9)
3. Arizona Diamondbacks (10)
4. San Diego Padres (13)
5. San Francisco Giants (15)


NL Central

1. St. Louis Cardinals (1)
2. Houston Astros (6)
3. Chicago Cubs (7)
4. Milwaukee Brewers (8)
5. Pittsburgh Pirates (12)
6. Cincinnati Reds (14)


2009 Playoffs

(1) Yankees over (3) Rangers in four
(4) Blue Jays over (2) Twins in five

(4) Marlins over (1) Cardinals in three
(2) Mets over (3) Rockies in four

(4) Blue Jays over (1) Yankees in six
(2) Mets over (4) Marlins in five

(4) Blue Jays over (4) Mets in seven


AL MVP: Alex Rodriguez
NL MVP: Albert Pujols
AL Cy Young: Roy Halladay
NL Cy Young: Cole Hamels
AL MoY: Joe Girardi
NL MoY: Jerry Manuel


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