UFC 132 Results: Tito Ortiz Looks Impressive, but Jon Jones Would Destroy Him

Robert GardnerSenior Analyst IJuly 3, 2011

Coming into his UFC 132 showdown with Ryan Bader, former UFC light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz's back was against the wall; not having won a fight in the organization since October 2006, Ortiz was on the verge of being forcibly retired.

Now Ortiz is on the cusp of becoming a contender once more after his impressive first-round submission victory over the once highly touted, Ryan Bader.

I'm sure the mind is buzzing now and Ortiz is beginning to remember what that UFC gold felt like around his waist as he plots to regain the title he once held but still greatly covets.

While I don't want to rain on Ortiz's parade, there is no way in hell he will ever be the UFC light-heavyweight champion again.

It's not his skills or his drive or even his age, because the Tito Ortiz we saw at UFC 132 was easily the most impressive Ortiz we have ever seen, it's just that there is this guy standing in his way, current UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Jones is not your run of the mill talent either. Jones is a freak of nature who knows nothing but domination.

His length, speed, power, grappling ability and ever-evolving submission game is simply too much for anyone to deal with, let alone an aging former great who is just getting his feet back under him.

Ortiz just needs to be happy he proved he still has the tools and desire. Ortiz needs to keep his head in the game and just look to improve on this latest showing.