Blue Demon & El Santo or Mil Mascaras & Canek: Which Is the Better Tag Team?

Jon SainzAnalyst IIJuly 5, 2011

Best Lucha Libre Tag Team of All Time

El Santo
El Santo

Blue Division

Jon Sainz vs Eric Kanes


When discussing Lucha Libre Tag Teams, two teams stands out more than any other. Those tag team are the one formed by Blue Demon & El Santo and the one formed by Mil Mascaras & Canek.

Both teams have some things in common. Neither ever won a tag team championship and the guys that form the teams are better known as rivals, but when they teamed up they were great.


Blue Demon & El Santo

Bitter rivals, yet great partners, they both are very well known both in Mexico, where they are legends, as well as in the rest of the world, most wrestling fans have at least heard about El Santo.

El Santo is one of the best known luchadores in the World. 

His career was four decades long and he won various titles in Mexico, where he wrestled most of his career. He never lost his mask and started a myth that he never took it off.

Blue Demon
Blue Demon

He died in 1984 due to a heart attack, and his coffin was carried by other famous luchadores, Blue Demon being one of them.

While Blue Demon was teaming up with Black Shadow, Black Shadow lost a Mask vs Mask match with El Santo, which lead to a feud between El Santo and Blue Demon, which ended with Blue Demon beating El Santo for the welterweight title and making him a legend.

He died in 2000 also due to a heart attack.

They were also movie stars, both on their own in a lot of movies and together in 10 films.

Even though they didn't team up that much, it is usual to talk about one of them when you're talking about the other.


Mil Mascaras & Canek

These two also started out as rivals and teamed up rarely, but even so they are considered in all conversations regarding the best Lucha Libre tag teams.

Mil Mascaras is the uncle of current WWE wrestler Alberto Del Rio and one of the best known luchadores in the business.

He also appeared in multiple films, being the only person to work with both El Santo and his son (El Hijo del Santo).

Canek is another wrestling legend in Mexico and is also still active. He is a 15-time world champion and was the original AAA Tag Team Champion (with Dr Wagner Jr).

Neither of them has ever lost his mask, and both masks are some of the best-known in the world.


Comparing the Teams

While both Tag Teams are formed by rivals and even though neither ever won a championship, they are two of the best-known tag teams in Lucha Libre.

We could say that El Santo & Blue Demon are the best Mexican (and Lucha Libre) tag team ever, while Mil Mascaras & Canek, come in a close second, being the best current Mexican (and Lucha Libre) tag team.