WWE Divas Wrestling Attire Less Sexy

jason savageCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2008

Call me a pervert or a dirty old man but have you noticed that starting about a year ago the divas have quit wrestling in short skirts (with the exception of Jillian occasionally) and all wear long pants in the ring now (at least on national TV)? Surely I am not the only man who has observed this.

I miss Mickie James and Melina's old ring gear! Especially during Melina's split before entering the ring...BAD WRITER, BAD, BAD!

I know I am being extremely sexist here and the divas want to be taken seriously as wrestlers. I think many of the divas are great wrestlers, I also think they are very attractive and would like to see them in more provocative attire! A peek up the skirt won't hurt the ratings, just my opinion. BAD! BAD!

This probably has alot to do with the WWE going PG, which I don't get. How can something that revolves around violence be PG?

Anyway, I say to the WWE if you wanna get some male viewers back bring back the mini skirt as ring attire!

Oh! and the bra and panties match wouldn't be a bad idea either!