CM Punk WWE News: Major Update on the Straight Edge Superstar's Future

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIJuly 6, 2011

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*This article may contain a spoiler for WWE Money in the Bank.*

Having just published an article regarding my plan for CM Punk's future, fresh news has surfaced which could possibly put an end to speculation regarding his future.

With CM Punk's recent homophobic rant at a WWE live event in Australia (amazingly, nobody seems bothered he told a handful of fans they had a vagina, but he calls one guy homosexual and the you-know-what hits the fan) has attracted serious negative attention for WWE, with TMZ claiming the credit for breaking the story.

The pressure stemmed from WWE's partnership with GLAAD, following John Cena's entertaining response to The Rock's excellent promo last February.

This incident led to WWE releasing the following statement: "A WWE spokesman noted to GLAAD in their response to CM Punk uttering an anti-gay slur during yesterday's Raw live event in Australia that the wrestler is legitimately leaving the organization following the Money in the Bank pay-per-view event on July 18.'' printed the following in their article: "WWE officials also told GLAAD this morning that CM Punk's contract will expire in a few weeks, he will not be immediately renewed, and he will no longer be with WWE as of July 18. A spokesperson told us "this departure is not part of a storyline. He is contractually leaving the organization.''        

However, I find the choice of words very striking. He will not be ''immediately renewed.'' Now, maybe that's just WWE leaving the door open for Punk in the future, but it could also mean Punk is just taking a few months off before agreeing to return to the company.

On a side note, how petty is it that WWE think this was acceptable just because Punk is leaving the company?

Anyway, whether Punk is gone for good or just temporarily, it pretty much guarantees he won't leave Money in the Bank with the championship, whether he loses clean to Cena or wins and then loses to the Raw Money in the Bank winner.