Bernie and Pat MorrisCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2008

Okay, if you haven't heard of us yet, please read our bio.  We are Bernie and Pat and are here to talk about sports this week and the big upcoming games this weekend.  Bernie and I seem to disagree a lot so we will probably have a bit of a heated discussion as to what team is going to upset the other.  I tend to think more rationally, so I am sure what I say might make more sense to you readers out there!

We have some great college ball games going on this Saturday.  Let's discuss!

Bernie: Well first off, that shirt is hideous.  Thought you said you lost 10 lbs. 

Pat: Seriously Bern.  If we're going to be making fat jokes, you may want to tell your Mom to stop reading.  Now, let's talk about the Georgia and Florida game. 

Bernie: Ah, that's going to be an awesome game. The Florida/Georgia game is always exciting and Florida wants it bad after getting beat last year by the Bulldogs. Georgia is going into the game ranked sixth in the BCS and the Gators would love to play spoiler this time around.

Pat: Yeah, remember last year when the Bulldogs embarrassed Florida . Remember how the whole Georgia team stormed into the end zone last year after a Knowshon Moreno touchdown? How disrespected Florida felt? Believe me, they've been thinking about that since last year and they've used that aggression to prepare for the game Saturday. I expect to see a very motivated Gator team who wants to beat the Bulldogs like they beat LSU three weekends ago.

Bernie: It's like you took the words right out of my mouth.  So you are predicting an upset here too then?

Pat: No.  I think Florida will come on strong in the first half and Georgia will look like the weaker team.  But after the 2nd half you will see a different Bulldog team and they will end up stealing the game.

Bernie: The only difference you'll see between 1st half Bulldogs and 2nd half Bulldogs is in the 2nd half they'll be playing with their tails between their legs. Florida is out for revenge.  I predict a 28-14 victory for the Gators.

Pat: (laughing hysterically).  That was a great line Bernie!!  Oh, wait--you are being serious?  Wow.  I predict a Bulldog victory of 24-10.

Bernie: Well with the way the season has gone thus far, it is likely that one of these three teams goes down. The Florida/Georgia game is always exciting and Florida wants it bad after getting beat last year by the Bulldogs.

Bernie: Now, The OTHER big game this weekend is Texas at Texas Tech. 

Pat: There will be no upset here, sorry.  I think Texas will win this game hands down.

Bernie: I actually agree with you Pat. Although I love the underdog, I don't see Texas Tech being able to contain Colt McCoy and the Longhorn offense. They're just too good. 

Pat: I will give the Red Raiders credit with their offense.  They're looking fantastic.  Just not enough to come out with a win over the Longhorns.

Bernie: I know, I know, the Red Raiders are averaging 48 points per game and QB Graham Harrell has over 3,000 yards and 28 touchdowns, but that's nothing new. The Raiders have always put up big offensive numbers. Last year they scored 43 on Texas, but Texas scored 59 on them. So if the defense can't hold the Texas offense, there really is no hope.

Pat: I like Texas this year.  Think they might have what it takes to win the championship this year.

Bernie: Oh Pat, of course you do.  But I am going to go with Penn State.

Pat: Wow, wouldn't that be awesome to have them win it? For Joey?  I actually wouldn't mind seeing a Texas/Penn State championship game.  With Penn State's amazing discipline I think it would be a great game to watch.

Bernie: Well said. 

Pat: Something is in you teeth.  Might want to get that.

Bernie: Asparagus, sorry.

Pat: Don't let it ever happen again.

Bernie: Keep acting tough there Patty.  Alright now time for the NFL.  Couple big games going on this Sunday as well.

Pat: We already done talking about College?

Bernie: This isn't no hour long discussion Patty.  Stop whining.  Oh wait, you're a JETS fan.  Used to that aren't you?

Pat: I like a lot of teams, not just the JETS.  Just think their QB is pretty neat.

Bernie: Overrated neat.

Pat: Another day Bernie...Not now.  Speaking of the JETS, they are playing a very good Buffalo Bills team.

Bernie: Are you saying Favre and his team will struggle with this game?

Pat: Favre threw 3 interceptions last week against a poor KC team.  Not to mention losing to an awful Oakland team.  I like Brett but don't think he or his team will be able to beat Buffalo.

Bernie: So no chance for the mighty Jets?

Pat:You're a good listener...I think Buffalo will take this one down easily.  My prediction is Buffalo 31-13.

Bernie: Ok, Pat says no chance. Please don't address hate mail to me.

Pat: His address is 7465 Wilton Ave.  Wilmington, CT 08748.

Bernie: Um..that's your ex wife's address.

Pat: Whatever Bernie.  Nice change of subject.

Bernie: But I didn't...

Pat: So on to the next big game.  Oh what usually is a big game.  Indy and New England.  Talk about a boring game!

Bernie: No kidding! Last year this was the most anticipated game, with exception to the Super Bowl.

Pat: I know.  This year without Brady and a 50% Manning, it's a pretty boring game.  Might have to watch Desperate Housewives instead.

Bernie: Yeah. I am going to watch this game.  Peyton might surprise us all and have a huge game. He is a competitive quarterback and I know that it is killing him for his team to be sitting with a 3-4 record.

Pat: I would love to see Peyton win, the guy is such a class act--hate to see him struggle.  I just haven't seen much from the Colts at all, and they have their #1 QB.  NE doesn't even really have a QB and they are still pulling out wins.  I love the Colts but gotta go with the Patriots on this one.  23-17.

Bernie: I think that is a safe pick, although I am going to have faith in Peyton.  I predict a 27-20 score.

Pat: Dallas and New York?  Make it quick, we're running out of time.

Bernie: Again, another game that is taking on a different shape, kinda like you in the shirt.

Pat: You smell.  I am going to go out on a limb here and go for the Cowboys.  I know, I know.  People are going to lash out at me.   The Giants are impressive.  Also lost against a poor Cleveland team—actually it was more of an ass whoopin.  I think Jerry Jones and his Cowboys will beat the Giants in a close one 27-24.

Bernie: The Cowboys might have a better chance if Jerry Jones didn't come to this one. The Giants at home will overwhelm the Romoless Cowboys. New York is playing pretty well on both sides of the ball. Yes they got blindsided by Cleveland, but everyone gets a mulligan right?

Pat: Like I said, I am going out on a limb here.  What's the score you predict?

Bernie: 23-17 Giants.

Pat: Welp okay then—that sums up our first article.  Since we just started we will let those of you tell us some good articles that have been on B/R in the last 7 days.  We have read a couple but want to make sure we give everyone a fair shot.

Bernie: Right, so if you think you've written something special and want it to get attention, get ours first and we'll help you get it out there. And all we want in return are Skittles and Combos.

Pat: Well I am on a diet so skittles and maybe those small packets of Cheetos will do just fine. 

Bernie: Take care and thanks for stopping by!

Pat: Night eveyone.  Have a safe weekend and Happy Halloween!


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