WWE Money in the Bank: Have We Seen the Start of the John Cena Heel Turn?

James Pinches@TweetPinchContributor IJuly 9, 2011

Cena and McMahon have a major disagreement
Cena and McMahon have a major disagreement

After watching RAW and SmackDown, we see repeats over and over again of John Cena confronting Vince McMahon.

Vince shouting, "You're no different from all the rest," and, "Don't be a Hogan." Also, we have mentions of Austin and Shawn Michaels.

Could this really be the start of the heel turn we all want so badly for John Cena. We know his face run is becoming stale even if he is generally involved in the best written storylines.

I still think CM Punk will win at MITB, with it being in his hometown and the rumour that his contract doesn't actually run out till after SummerSlam. But what will that mean for Cena?

Personally, I think he will get "fired" again! But this time he'll terrorize McMahon in a similar way to that of Stone Cold. I certainly hope so anyway.

Another possibility is that again Cena loses clean. Then Punk loses out to the MITB winner so Cena doesn't get fired, but there was still a lot of anger and tension between Cena and McMahon and it could easily be portrayed for Cena to turn heel as being taken for granted for all the hard work he has put in week in week out.

Either that or I'm getting my hopes up for nothing. And Super Cena will continue as normal leaving the product as mundane as ever!

What are your thoughts on how it will pan out??

For myself, I want nothing more than a Cena heel turn and I'm sure plenty of you will agree with me.