EA Sports NCAA Football 12: Are You Buying It Football Fans?

J FitzContributor IIIJuly 11, 2011

Cover athlete of NCAA Football 12, Mark Ingram.
Cover athlete of NCAA Football 12, Mark Ingram.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

With the football season still about 50 days away, college football fans are starting to get anxious.

This Tuesday, EA tries to ease our offseason pains with the release of NCAA Football 12. The game has come a long way since being branded “Madden’s younger brother” during its earlier years. With recent additions to the games atmosphere, the developers have helped NCAA Football grow into a game strictly about college football, not just a college edition of Madden.

Many EA fans claim NCAA Football 11 was better than Madden 11 and I would have to agree. Where the college football franchise grew, NFL football seemed to stay about the same (with minor improvements, of course).

This year, EA adds a new “coaching carousel,” which adds the all important coaching changes during the offseason. They also add improvements like new pregame entrances and traditions, a momentum-based tackling system, and realistic 3-D grass.

They made some great stride in dynasty mode as well. You can now start your career as a rising offensive or defensive coordinator trying to make it as a big time college coach. You pick your coaches style, appearance and even his alma mater, which comes into play with the new coaching carousel. Custom conferences will allow you to make deep changes to ever conference ranging from game times, teams, and even if they are an automatic qualifier.

“Road To Glory” pits you as a high school athlete working your way up to the collegiate ranks.

It goes much deeper this year, however, letting you play your entire senior year of high school. You will battle to get scholarship offers based solely on your performances. They even let you play in “iron man fashion” this time. That means you will be able to play offense and defense and you will get to pick which you want to play in college. Of course, this will affect the how highly you’re recruited.

It looks like the EA team really put in a lot of work this year and I’m excited for the release. There’s no better way to pass the time of the horrible offseason than playing some of the upcoming games in dynasty mode.

So tell me: are you buying the game?