Fights That I Wouldn't Pay 49.95 For.....The T.U.F Edition

Sean SchimlingAnalyst INovember 2, 2008

This is a sort of part 2 to my previous article,but the focus is on the UFC reality show fighters.

These are just some fights I want to see but for free,because I definatly wouldn't pay for them. It does have its fair share of re-matches included,just to warn everyone. ENJOY!!!!!


Keith Jardine V.S. Matt Hamill

Two known fighters from the show,both with somewhat good records. Hamill the accomplished wrestler,and Jardine the devastating striker. Great match-up,personally I like Jardine because his beard scares me,but I think Hamill could give him a challenge. Jardine showed his striking against Forrest Griffin(current LHW champion by the way),and Hamill showcased his skills against Michael Bisbing,in a fight he won in my book. Both men would put on a show,but I wouldn't pay for it!

Junie Browning V.S. Efrain Escudero

We may actually see this,but in case we don't i'll put it on here. I want to see this because of the whole Junie jumping in the cage ordeal that happened. He dis-respected Efrain,and I want Efrain to get his shot at Junie,hopefully he makes the most out of it and submits him. But Junie's stand up is pretty good,he almost rock Rollie to sleep. I think with good training and no distractions,this could be a good fight. TUF 8 Finale?

Nate Diaz V.S. Manny Gamburyan 2

TUF 5 finals Manny was dominating Diaz until his shoulder pooped out. Diaz got a win,but he didn't actually win. If that fight went on, Manny would've been the TUF 5 winner. So I say put em' back in the octagon,both healthy and better than before. I know I'd want to see it. But once again its not worth a PPV price.

Noah Thomas V.S. Marlon Sims 2 (Kinda)

The most technical street fight ever,as seen on TUF 5. These men went at it in the TUF house's backyard. Noah getting a cut on his head,but was in my opinion getting the best of Marlon. I personally wanted to see them fight at the finale,but Dana didn't let it happen. I think these two should be allowed the chance to settle the fight in an octagon. At an Ultimate Fight Night!!!

Gray Maynard V.S. Joseph Lauzon

I think Joesph Lauzon is a solid fighter,so is TUF teammate Gray Maynard. These two would be a good fight,simply because they are so even. Granted Lauzon lost to Kenny Florian,but Gray Maynard is no Ken-Flo. Maybe a Fight Night bout? But i don't care when they fight as long as it happens....On cable television!!

Corey Hill V.S. Rob Emerson 2

Corey Hill was raw talent on his season of TUF,but he still managed to slide,with a controversial win over Rob Emerson. He won the fight,but no one else seen it that way but him and his team. I think now that Corey Hill has gotten some more fights under his belt they should let them square off again. WEC is a possibility both of them aren't gonna make any kind of splash in the UFC,but in the WEC they may have a shot.

CB Dollaway V.S. Ed Herman

Ed Herman may be viewed as a sub-par fighter by some,but he does posses the talent to have a good fight. CB Dollaway is an average fighter,but can also ignite some fireworks. These two 2nd placers would have(on paper) a pretty good match. Herman would be seeking redemption,Dollaway looking to climb up the ladder. Herman and Dollaway like to stand,and on the ground Dollaway has big slams,as well does Herman. Great fight for a TUF Finale!

Matt Serra V.S. Chris Lytle 2

The first fight was good,it resulted in Matt Serra winning by decision,and the rest was history. But it was a good fight none the less,now that both men have tasted UFC victory and defeat,let em go at it again. I think the fight result would be different. Lytle showed at UFC 86 he has a chin of stone,and Serra has improved his game. This fight won't happen(most likely) but is fun to think about.Still wouldn't pay 49 bucks for it though!

Nate Quarry V.S. Kendall Grove

I know this fight seems random,and thats because it is! I just want to see it,Quarry is a soild striker,and Grove is an all around stud. He looked good against Evan Tanner(R.I.P),Quarry has also looked good since his stint on TUF(minus UFC 56). Both men could potentially move up the MW rankings,and it would place two fan favorites against each other. What more could we ask for?It to be free!!!!!

Jared Rollins V.S. Matthew Riddle

Riddle's punching power,Rollin's history of bleeding J/K!!! But seriously this fight would be an exciting one,both men are explosive and can punch! Rollin's fight with War Machine was a classic,and one of the bloodiest fights i've seen in a while. Riddle has shown he can punch with the best of them when he broke Dan Simmler's Jaw on the preliminary fight of TUF 7. This could be a great fight,both men are under contract with the UFC. Ultimate Fight Night? Any takers?

Well thats it I would have included more,but I didn't want to re use names.

So Enjoy,and once again don't over think,its for fun!!!!

YA DIG!!!!!!!!!!!