Steelers' James Harrison: Truth Be Told

Keilyn EllisCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2011

Who Makes a better "Hitman" James Harrison or the guy in the Movie?
Who Makes a better "Hitman" James Harrison or the guy in the Movie?Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

NFL generally fans aren't the smartest life forms here on planet earth (see grown ass men wearing cheese slices on their heads, half-naked, rooting for bunch of men whom could care less if they existed). They generally want two things in life: football, and more football.

However for NFL players, life is much more difficult than this: There is a TON of money being made and the "owners" (yeah, like human property; sound familiar?) want to have the vast majority of it while leaving the scraps to the real draw: the players themselves.

No one pays $100 a pop to go to an NFL football outing to watch some pasty old actor walk around in a suit and be paid $10 million to look important. I know some of us are led to believe that Roger Goodell is a necessity to keep all the ghetto hoodlums in line (thanks ESPN). Newsflash: the NFL was here WELL before Roger Goodell existed and will (hopefully) still be here after he is gone.

James Harrison's comments Tuesday are a reflection of what many NFL players have wanted to say about Goodevil since he first came in to ruin the NFL, but were too afraid. Most NFL geniuses who call themselves fans would ask, "Why is Goodell so hated by the players?" To a more moderate, free and sensible NFL enthusiast (I refuse to call myself fanatic) the more pertinent question would be: Why the HELL are the other 2000 NFL players/men afraid to speak in 2011?