Toast! These Secondaries Often Get Burned

Buddy SmithSenior Writer INovember 2, 2008

This week, due to overwhelming popular demand, I'm going back to basics. No theory. No skills building. No homework assignments nor psychology. I promise not to use the words "feeling" or "emotion". Definitely no life lessons or political agendas.

This one is for the dude on his lunch break who just wants to know who to start this week. It's for the guy who's just taking a timeout from his day and doesn't want to think about modern portfolio theory, or whatever else is on my mind today.

Without you readers, I'm just some guy smoking way too many cigarettes typing into the abyss. Thank you one and all for removing the abyss part.

Fantasy Football Information Starts Here

We all know the value of the big play. There are bonus points and usually touchdowns involved when secondaries get beat deep. All of the teams detailed in this article are allowing close to one pass over 40 yards per game. You can take advantage of these teams right now.


Detroit Lions: Eight Pass Plays Over 40 Yards Allowed in Eight Games

It's not surprising at all that the horrific Detroit Lions have allowed more pass plays over 40 yards than all but one team in the league. One would be hard-pressed to find a defensive statistic in which the Lions were not ranked at the bottom of the league. Play all offensive players against Detroit. Moving on.


Seattle Seahawks: Eight pass Plays Over 40 Yards Allowed in Eight Games

I hate it when my home team shows up in a piece like this. Cornerback Kelly Jennings is getting scorch marks on his face because he's burned so often in coverage. On one play yesterday, he managed to get turned around, fall, commit illegal contact, and allow a 17-yard reception. Hitting for the cycle of defensive back ineptitude.

The Seahawks miss Ray Rhodes so much it hurts. The defense returned 11 starters from a unit that played extremely well last year. John Marshall's schemes have not provided adequate pass pressure to give the defensive backfield a chance.

This struggling unit got more bad news on Friday. Patrick Kerney, who aggravated an old shoulder injury against the 49ers, will be out for the season.

The Eagles got a 44-yard reception out of backup tight end Brent Celek Sunday afternoon. Donovan McNabb was only sacked once. With struggles continuing on both sides of the ball, opposing players should post big numbers against the Seahawks.


New England Patriots: Seven Pass Plays Over 40 Yards Allowed in Eight Games

One would not expect a Bill Belichick-coached unit to allow big plays at this rate. The New England Patriots have been a defense to avoid for as long as I can remember, and they're missing Asante Samuel immensely. This undersized unit can be exploited by taller wide receivers.

Last night, Reggie Wayne was able to use his body to create space between himself and defenders. Anthony Gonzalez won a jump ball to bring in one of his two touchdowns.

Santonio Holmes should be able to take advantage of his height in Week 13, assuming he isn't dealing with any league suspensions at that time. The Patriots should also have trouble in Week 16, when Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald come to town.

San Francisco 49ers: Seven Pass Plays Over 40 Yards Allowed in Eight Games

Head Coach Mike Singletary made quite a few waves in his first game. He benched J.T. O'Sullivan and ejected Vernon Davis. The 49ers have had a problem protecting the quarterback. Some blame Mike Martz's system, but it appears Mr. Singletary believes O'Sullivan was holding the ball too long. Shaun Hill has been named the starter going forward.

When an offense has problems, the defense gets over-worked, and eventually coverages get blown. Leonard Weaver, Seattle's fullback, managed to catch two touchdown passes over 40 yards last week.

If nobody on your defense can catch a fullback from behind, you've got real problems. Hopefully for 49ers fans, Mike Singletary will be able to get better play out of his defense; in the mean time, fantasy owners should start their receivers when San Francisco comes calling.

Miami Dolphins: Seven Pass Plays Over 40 Yards Allowed in Eight Games

The Dolphins have improved since their 1-15 campaign one year ago. The Wildcat offense makes great use of their resources, and at 4-4, they are a legitimate playoff contender.

They do, however, allow more than their fair share of big pass plays. Broncos fullback Peyton Hillis was able to break loose for a 47-yard play yesterday. Baltimore Raven's running back Ray Rice also has a 40-yard reception against Miami.

Vincent Jackson and Andre Johnson have proven that wide receivers can get in on the action against the resurgent Dolphins. Lee Evans and Randy Moss are licking their chops thinking about their future dates with the club.

Frank Gore and Leon Washington might have standout days catching passes out of the backfield against Miami as well.

Honorable Mention (Sort of):

The Cardinals, Jaguars, Bills, and Texans have each allowed six big plays in eight games.