Top Five Players for Chelsea

Benjamin RogersAnalyst INovember 3, 2008

Its time for the 4th issue of the Top Five series and this time we take a look at the top five players for Chelsea FC.

Just in case you don't know why I'm doing the Top Five series competition, its so I can find the most popular football player, not just on Bleacher Report, but to whoever wants to vote as well.

The competition works like this: the players will be of my decision, but any players that could be added can be sent by comments from the viewers of the article.

I'll do a poll every issue to see who is the most popular player from each club, then at the end of the long article series, I will put all the top names into one big league article.

After I've gathered the favorite players from each league, I will put them into the end article to find out who the most popular player is overall.

I will try not to just include Europe in the competition but also include some of the other major clubs from around the world as well.

The leagues I will look at will be the Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, LFP, MLS, Brazilian League, A-League, Portuguese League, and the Dutch League.

In the first three issues we looked at Arsenal, Manchester United, and Liverpool and in all three of the articles people came out in their hundreds to vote and thousands to at least view the articles.

The Arsenal vote saw Fabregas win the Arsenal poll with 69.6% of the 273 votes, and the article got 3709 views.

The Manchester United vote saw Wayne Rooney take 39.9% of the 248 votes cast by the United fans and the article got 1667 views.

The Liverpool vote saw Steven Gerrard take 59.3% of the 322 votes cast by Liverpool fans, and the article had 2144 views.

It's now time for the Chelsea fans to step up and vote for their favourite player.

So without further ado, let's start the Chelsea vote.

No player has been ranked and the list is not in any particular order.

Top Five


Name: Frank Lampard

Position: Midfielder

Age: 30

One of the best and most loved players at Chelsea, he is to Chelsea fans what Steven Gerrard is to Liverpool fans. He is one of the best midfield goalscorers and always seems to be able to squeeze the ball into the back of the net. He is very passionate about Chelsea and plays for the badge.



Name: John Terry

Position: Centre Back

Age: 27

He always comes to Chelsea's rescue and is one of the best centrebacks in the world. Not only is he captain but he is also captain of England. He is loved by the Chelsea fans and is always able to come up for a corner and head in a goal. He is a great example for youngsters who want to rise through the ranks at a football club.



Name: Petr Cech

Position: Goalkeeper

Age: 26

Arguably the best goalkeeper in the Premier League and some think the world. He is always making magnificent saves and keeping Chelsea a clean sheet. He has had to overcome a horrible injury and he still plays with a protective head guard. This kind of dedication to the game only deserves respect.



Name: Michael Essien

Position: Midfielder

Age: 25

For me Essien is the dark horse at Chelsea and is able to score a stunning goal or two. He always does his job in midfield well and is always helping the strikers buy setting up goals and making assists.



Name: Joe Cole

Position: Attacking Midfielder

Age: 26

For me this was a hard one because it was ether Drogba or Cole, and I chose Cole. I think his dedication to getting into the Chelsea side is remarkable and he is always able to jump in and replace a player any time. He has good pace and is able to put great passes in for the strikers.


Well, the Chelsea list is done, I'll be back with the next team in the series in a day or two.

If you have any suggestions for who you think should be in the top five, then please feel free to leave a comment, or if you just want to vote for one of the five, then please get voting.

As always, hope you enjoy the article.


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