WWE: How the CM Punk-John Cena Storyline Should Play out to Wrestlmania 28

Richard TilleyContributor IIIJuly 15, 2011

Leading into Money in the Bank this Sunday, everyone is wondering how CM Punk's and and John Cena's storyline will end up. I however think I have the perfect solution of how the storyline should go up to Wrestlemania 28.


Act 1

At Money in the Bank, Alberto Del Rio wins the Money in the Bank. When it comes down the Cena vs Punk, Cena is dominating the whole match for a change. However, CM Punk surprisingly pulls out a victory and walks out of Money in the Bank as the WWE Champion.

Cena is irate, melting down in the middle of the ring as Mr McMahon walks down the ramp. McMahon tells Cena that he's not worth firing over the huge pay day of Rock vs Cena. However, he tells Cena to get on his knees and betray the fans, like the fans betrayed Mr. McMahon for CM Punk.

Cena refuses at first, trying to stay faithful to the fans, but eventually he comes to his knees and the fans officially start booing. Cena has officially turned heel.

The next week on RAW, Del Rio is furious that the MITB is useless because Punk took off with the championship. However, Mr McMahon relieves Del Rio by awarding him the WWE Interim Championship. Cena is also confronted by The Miz, who mocks Cena for having to go to his knees just to save his career. Cena proceeds to destroy the Miz brutally in a rage fueled beatdown. John Morrison also returns for a match with R Truth at Summerslam.


Act 2

 At Summerslam, it comes to Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena for the Interim Championship. Cena absolutely decimates Alberto Del Rio, until ADR ends up winning by a measly roll up. Cena is again enraged and decimates the arena, Nexus style. He takes out the referee, cameramen, announcers, even punches out an (acting) fan.

The next week Mr McMahon says that Cena is exactly the way he should be. A ruthless, uncaring monster. John Morrison fueds with a returning Miz. Up to the Royal Rumble, Del Rio defends title in fueds with with Alex Riley, Kofi Kingston, and The Big Show, proceeding to defeat them all. Cena consistently decimates the roster, and next up for a title shot is Rey Mysterio.

Sin Cara has a few good matches, weaving in between Smackdown and Raw, until ADR cuts a promo and tells him that he will never be the best Mexican wrestler. Del Rio beats downs Sin Cara as Rey Mysterio enters to save him. After Del Rio is out of the ring, Sin Cara doesn't seem to be so appreciative, not shaking Rey's hand or even celebrating with him.

At the Rumble, the Rey and ADR have a very entertaining battle, with Rey on the verge of winning. However, Sin Cara interferes while the referee isn't looking and causes Del Rio to win. Sin Cara makes a point that he targets Rey as the best Mexican wrestler, and wants him for Wrestlemania 28.

At the Royal Rumble, Cena pummels the competition, making himself the easy favorite to win. At the end, it all comes down the John Cena and John Morrison. Miraculously, John Morrison manages to pull the win off.

Vince is definitely not impressed with Cena, but makes it clear that he has one more chance to win the title at Elimination Chamber. Cena, being the monster he is clears out most of the competition. With it all coming down to Cena and ADR, The Rock's music plays giving enough of a distraction for ADR to pick up the win. After the win, John Morrison, at the top of the ramp, has a stare with ADR. All of sudden, to everyone's shock, CM Punk attacks John Morrison and gives him a GTS, flaunting the real WWE title.


Act 3

The next week CM Punk comes to say that he missed the excitement and rush of wrestling, and has come back to defend his title at Wrestlemania against John Morrison. ADR comes down to say that he technically never cashed in his MITB in the first place, the he was champion after CM Punk left, so he adds himself to the title match.

Vince comes down to congratulate CM Punk for taking the opportunity to regain his status as WWE Champion and defend it at Wrestlemania. However he also informs him that he might not make it to Wrestlemania, because he will have to defend his title on his first match back against Cena, who is still furious of what CM Punk did to him. This time, Cena is creaming Punk, inches away from getting the title. However, once again, he is thwarted by the Rock, who after the match has an intense stare down.

Over the next course of weeks leading to Wrestlemania, some great promos happen. The Rock calls Vince out that its only about the money with Vince, and he used it because he wanted Cena to be at his full potential for Wrestlemania. The Rock then says that he interfered at the Rumble and the Chamber to have a full potential Cena at Wrestlemania, and that neither he or Cena care about money, just the will to fight.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara fuel their rivalry, one upping each other every chance they get. They flip flop between Raw and Smackdown, costing each other matches until they're finally fed up with each other and want to settle once and for all who is the best Mexican wrestler in the world.

CM Punk vs John Morrison vs Alberto Del Rio heats up quickly. Alberto Del Rio argues that it was always his destiny to be the champion, and proved it by defending the WWE Interim Championship for a huge amount of time. CM Punk says that over the course of his absence, he's been defending the real WWE Championship around the world, and realized the was no one else worthy to defend against except the WWE superstars, and wants to finally prove he's the best wrestler in the world by winning at Wrestlemania.

John Morrison is determined to win the WWE Championship because he was always seen as the Marty Jennetty and the guy who would never win the big one. At Wrestlemania, he wants to prove everyone wrong. The match is quickly taglined The Vigor vs The Destiny vs The Underdog.

And there you have it, from CM Punk vs Cena at MITB, we have stemmed to Rock vs Cena, Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio, and CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio vs John Morrison at Wrestlemania. 28.

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