Drama Queens 101: Top 5 TUF Nut Cases

Kevin CurranSenior Analyst INovember 3, 2008

This season of The Ultimate Fighter has seemed more like a drama on TNT than a real fight show. It seems every week Junie did something dumb and somebody else is pissed about it. Sounds like a drama formula to me. In this occasion I have decided to compile a list of the top drama queens of The Ultimate Fighter.

5. Jon...ahem...War Machine Koppenhaver

This guy is a total nut job. He has said some of the dumbest stuff I have ever heard uttered and some of the things he's said I cant even repeat. For anyone who has seen him, they can attest. Not to mention that he legally changed his name to War Machine. Even Dana White couldn't  put up with his crap anymore and Jon, ugh, War Machine is banned from the UFC. Tough luck WM.

4. Noah Thomas

A Tuf 5 alum he actually challenged marlon Sims to a fight. Remember now that Noah as a submission guy and Marlon talked alot about the street fighting prowess he had. Noah decided it would be a good idea to insult Marlon and then have a street fight that led up to him getting the back of his head split open. Not only that but he was kicked off the show. (Corny Biblical joke) Noah, haha.

3. Shonie Carter

From season 4: The Comeback, he was most likely the most hated person in the house. Before this show I had always really liked Mr. International and he was my pick to win it, did anyone else see the spinning backfist he put on Matt Serra?! However, he quickly became annoying and was so full of himself it was unbearable. There are countless moments to name for him, but mostly his on the bus insult tirades on other fighters would be fitting.

2. Cheis Leben

I shouldn't even have to explain, but I will anyway. Chris Leben came on the show looking like a problem child on coke, mainly because he was. Chris got on alot of people's nerves with his arrogance which led Josh Koscheck to mess with him incessantly. One night it got so bad that Chris unched down a door and cut open his knuckle extremely deep. For that he lost the Ultimate Fighter 1. It has still taken him alot of tattoos and 3 years to get him clean. I do see a bright future still ahead for Leben if he can stay clean.

1. Junie Browning

it may be early to say he's the biggest nut case, but come on, I looked at him and knew he'd be trouble. He didn't disappoint. First, he disobeyed team rules and Frank was upset. Then he didn't make weight and Frank was even more upset. Now I have become aware of the fact that he sold out his team to the other squad by telling them secrets. Why Junie? it seems like Junie just can't stay out of trouble. Tsk Tsk Tsk

i hope you enjoyed my piece and I encourage you to leave comments critiquing my list or adding people in. Honrable mention goes to the few guys who left the house because of their girlfriends and lastly the guy who got a colonic on season 5.