WWE Money in the Bank Results: How to Use New WWE Champion CM Punk

Randy ReedContributor IIJuly 18, 2011

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JUNE 11:  (L-R) WWE wrestlers CM Punk, Natalya and MVP pose for a photo with Warriors jerseys after a  Warriors NRL  training session at Mt Smart Stadium on June 11, 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand.  (Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images)
Sandra Mu/Getty Images

CM Punk’s win tonight at Money in the Bank was a surprise to me.  The WWE has dropped the ball so many times with their storylines that I, like a lot of you all I’m sure, have become conditioned to be pessimistic about any angle that shows potential to be great.  Tonight, I’m glad to say I was proven to be wrong!

The WWE has potential to create three memorable story lines and make more money than they have in almost two decades: the build and follow up to an Undertaker WrestleMania loss, a John Cena heel turn and capitalizing off of the real tension between fans of the new WWE “entertainment” direction and pro wrestling traditionalists.  The last possibility is more closely connected with CM Punk and is what I will focus on in this article.

Fans of John Cena are parents and their children.  The parents like him because he is a good role model for their kids, and the kids love him because he is the ultimate good guy.  In a world where there are not many positive, family oriented type role models, Cena becomes a personality parents greatly appreciate.  This is why they connect to him.  I do not know why kids connect with him; I’m not a kid anymore, but for some reason they do.

Old traditionalists hate Cena.  He is the face of this new direction WWE is taking, a direction that despises the use of the term “wrestling” and seemingly disassociates itself with many things related to it, almost as if they're embarrassed by it.  These fans have been marginalized, and it is in this marginalization that they have found a caused.  They gather online and passionately discuss all of the ills of pro wrestling, and at every show, these fans consistently voice their overall disapproval with WWE’s direction.  One example of this is these fans' tendency to boo WWE’s baby faces. 

They are not booing because they don’t like baby faces or because they like the heels, but because they don’t like WWE establishment telling them who they should cheer for.  I guess what I’m saying is that these fans are kind of like rebels, rebelling against the establishment that chooses to constantly ignore their cries for change, ignoring their cries to make pro wrestling the way it used to be. 

These fans have been wanting wrestling for a long time.  The more time that has passed, the greater the want.  The want is what they have become emotionally connected to.  This is why the CM Punk promo went over the way it did.  Not that it was such a great promo; I mean, it was a good promo and all, but the reason it went over was because it met a small fraction of a need that has been in existence for well over 10 years.

So WWE, you have the two faces that represent the most strongest feelings and opinions in regards to pro wrestling in CM Punk and John Cena.  Play off of the real tension that exists.  This is where the money lies!  Let’s see Punk do four to six months of a world tour, defending the WWE belt against top contenders from promotions all around the world with an emphasis in the storyline on wrestling.  The WWE could show these matches as clips on WWE programming, the matches of course being produced by the promotions in which they take place so that the edge of the angles are not lost.

Show the internal struggle WWE has to endure as a result of losing its prided championship and having to wrestle with the possibility that the new direction take was the wrong one, and more importantly, tell the story of a Cena that has lost it all, but through courage and determination, is able to come full circle and beat CM Punk at the end.  This is a far cry from what will happen, but one can only have hope right?

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