CM Punk: A New Kind of WWE Champion

Ramblin ManContributor IIJuly 18, 2011

At WWE Money In The Bank on Sunday night, millions of people witnessed chaos when WWE Champion John Cena lost his title to CM Punk.

As Punk won the title, Vince McMahon called for newly crowned Money In The Bank winner Alberto Del Rio to come in a cash in his briefcase on Punk. When Del Rio ran down Punk kicked him, blew a kiss to McMahon and escaped through the crowd.

Not only was this an amazing way to end a great pay-per-view, but we witnessed the birth of a whole new kind of champion.

CM Punk holding the title is probably the smartest idea Mr. McMahon has come up with in the past five or six years. Now we have Punk set up to be the greatest heel in this new decade.

I mean let's face it—Punk's character has no respect for the WWE, its product or even the prestigious WWE Championship. While most heels in the past claim they don't care about the title or its prestige, Punk backs up his claim. He has already put his title in his refrigerator of all places for "safe keeping."

This came after TMZ posted many pictures of Punk celebrating with fellow wrestlers Colt Cabana and Ace Steel in the streets of Chicago. In these pictures you see them drinking Diet Pepsi and posing with the title at the Mike Ditka Mural.

They were even showing off the title to a few female CM Punk fans; Punk even lets one of the women hold the title. In another photo Punk is shown holding up the title to a cab driver's window and shouting.

CM Punk's celebration and respect for the title is a whole new way a champion chooses to conduct himself.

While most newly crowned champions have celebrated in the past, Punk went to the streets of Chicago and decided to throw his own celebration party. It brings a storyline that just keeps getting better and better.

Whether it's partying in the streets with a bunch of his fans or putting his WWE Championship in the fridge, Punk has brought on a dawn of a new day.

Much like the rest of you I can't wait to see what develops on RAW tonight. although Punk tweeted earlier today that is going to watch his home team, the Chicago Cubs, take on the Philadelphia Phillies instead of attending RAW.

I can't help but to believe that Punk will make his presence on the show known one way or another.