The 10 Worst American Team Names

Thomas H.Correspondent INovember 3, 2008

The picture above? The agony of feeling these stupid names. 

10. Denver Nuggets

Hehe... HAHA....I can't stop myself. A nugget? Like, the fast food that is fried.

I realize, its gold. But, ha, its kind of funny.



9. Washington Redskins

Here in the 21st century, isn't this a little edgy? I have mixed feelings. Not a bad logo though.

8. Los Angeles Kings

Yeah, I get the name. You are the Kings. But, the logo could be a lot better! A crown with purple? What kind of King are you! 


7. Green Bay Packers

I respect them. I really do not get the name. What in the world is a Packer?

6. Oakland Athletics

Yes, we know your athletic. You play a sport. Maybe Athletes? Oh, and what is up with the elephant? That is totally random.


5. Portland Trail Blazers

They blaze a trail? I have no clue. You know what, lets not even talk about it. 

4. Arizona Diamondbacks 

What is a Diamondback? It is referring to the diamonds of Arizona of course. Does it sound good? No. The reason this is really hear is the fact that the old purple color and awful symbol made me curl up. The new colors are better, but the wording (below) looks a little silly.



3. Columbus Blue Jackets

With the new symbol, its better. I don't know what it is, but I like it because it looks 3D. Yet, does anyone know what a Blue Jacket is? Apparently, its from the Civil War. Truly, I could care less. No one knows about it, and it has no taste.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder

Yeah, the symbol is pretty cool stuff. In fact, its one of my favorite. But, Thunder? You picked something in the sky, that is only on the Weather Channel? Plus, the symbol could have been cooler. A weather for a icon, that is just silly. At least do lightning or something. All thunder is is a noise.


1. St. Louis Blues

Ha! The Blues? As in, what sad people play? You play for the people who sing while being sad? Oh my, what a awful, awful name. At least be named Jazz, like Utah.

The Blues are just a depressing music. And the symbol??? A musical note, what kind of symbol is that. You could have some cool symbols, so do better.