X-Pac: Vince McMahon Firing Was Real Deal

Ramblin ManContributor IIJuly 19, 2011

In another interesting turn of events, WWE performer Sean Waltman a.k.a X-Pac posted on his Twitter page during the end of raw that the firing of Vince McMahon was legit. X-Pac posted about ten new messages talking about the final segment on Raw.

The former member of DX stated, "That was the real deal, that last 5 or however many minutes." He later added, "That text he sent me makes much more sense now," referring to a recent back and forth X-Pac shared with new CEO Triple H. He also brought up the chances this could negatively affect the stock for World Wrestling Entertainment in a business standpoint.

So, why would Triple H send the message to X-Pac of all people about a potential McMahon retirement? Who knows? With X-Pac's past, would he really be the person we should believe? Waltman said a couple months earlier that it was very likely he would be working in the WWE again, training younger wrestlers in Florida, but that has yet to be denied or confirmed.

In a interesting note, however, if you go on the WWE Corporate page, Vince McMahon is still listed as CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment. So there is still a possibility that this is all just another one of The Great Vince McMahon's Brilliant Tricks that has us all talking. Whether or not Vince is truly stepping down from leading the day-to-day operations for WWE, it's still unbelievable to think that Vince McMahon may walk away from the wrestling industry. 

To get more answers on the future of the product and state of World Wrestling Entertainment just follow @TheRealXPac on Twitter. I'm sure he'll fill you in.