Tuesday Morning Running Back Week Nine: Steelers Humble Raiders Tumble.

Dan PieroniCorrespondent INovember 4, 2008

On this election day, when either John McCain of Arizona or Barack Obama of Illinois is going to be our next President, there is another big story in our nation's capital this morning.

What in the hell happened to the Redskins offense last night?

Truth be told they ran into a suffocating, and very underrated Pittsburgh Steelers defense that served notice that they are not going to be pushed around and they are a serious contender fort the Super Bowl.

Perhaps even more surprising is that Byron Leftwich was pressed into service for an injured Ben Rorethlisberger, and led the Steelers offense on two scoring drives.

It's not the the Redskins didn't have their chance, they scored six points in a blink of an eye, but poor decision making by Jason Campbell in the red zone, cost them dearly.

Plus, it doesn't help when you throw your first two picks of the year and get sacked 6 times.

Thus, the Redskins may have proven that they're not as good as everyone thinks they are. We shall see if that's the truth.

And with that, it's time for the bullets.

  • If you're a Patriots fan, the whoops of the week is obvious, David Thomas's unnecessary roughness penalty that turned a potential third and one, into a third and sixteen, and making it easier for the Colts to win.
  • Do not underestimate the power of Adam Vinitieri's leg in a clutch situation. No kicker performs better in the clutch then him.
  • Hey Bucs fans, you know it's easy to get momentum when you're playing a team as lifeless as the Chiefs. In essence, I'm not surprised you won the game.
  • First Larry Johnson gets suspended, now his replacement Colby Smith may be done for the year with a knee injury. Face it, the Lord is not a Chiefs fan.
  • Well I'll be, the Bengals finally broke into the win column. I knew those Harvard educated quarterbacks wern't all dumb.
  • Speaking of the Lord and Missouri football, I don't think he's a Rams fan either. Their defense was shredded by the Cardinals.
  • Oh man, the Lions were that close to winning, but who would have thought that the catalyst in the Bears comeback would be Rex Grossman?
  • Adrian Peterson seems to have found his stride again.
  • Joe Flacco is like the little engine that could, an undersized QB that still manages to keep his team competitive.
  • Oh if only Braylon Edwards was able to corral that Derek Anderson  pass late  in the game. No wonder why Brady Quinn will finally get his shot on Thursday night.
  • Credit the Jets for taking away the Bills running game on Sunday. Without it the Bills are just another football team.
  • One word describes the Packers/ Titans game on Sunday: epic.
  • One word describe JaMarcus Russell too: bust!
  • Here's all you need to know about the Raiders Falcons game, the Raiders had -2 total yards in the first half and former Falcon DeAngelo Hall got burned on a long touchdown pass. Somewhere Arthur Blank was smiling.
  • Jay Cutler may have a cannon as an arm, but he could do a better job of finding his own teammates.
  • Have you heard about the new movie starring the Dallas Cowboys offense? It's called Desperately Seeking Tony.
  • I don't make a lot of political statements in this column, but here's one now. Get out there and vote. It's you're right as an American citizen, let your voice be heard. See you next week.