Copa America 2011: Will Larissa Riquelme Strip or Not?

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer IJuly 22, 2011

Larissa Riquelme (Courtesy of Agencia Puntopy
Larissa Riquelme (Courtesy of Agencia Puntopy


I do not usually venture into these types of articles but I have decided to write about it in reply to the tabloids in Miami, Florida and elsewhere.

The Story

The people in Miami, Florida who are planning to watch the final match of the Copa America 2011 will either support Paraguay or Uruguay. I can only imagine that Larissa Riquelme (the Paraguayan Actress and Model) will attend the match, which will be held in Argentina.

Larissa Riquelme acquired international fame after disrobing as a way of celebrating Paraguay's victory in one of its matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, even though Paraguay lost another match to Spain. Ms. Riquelme has pledged to strip again if Paraguay wins the 2011 Copa America.

The result in Miami, Florida has been a debate whether this is a publicity stunt or a sincere celebration. Univision (the US Latin station) has been publishing slideshows about the latest promise by Ms. Riquelme and other models who are imitating her.

I would like to take advantage and express my opinion of the whole story.


2011 Copa America: Paraguay VS Venezuela (Courtesy of Getty Images and published in Univision)
2011 Copa America: Paraguay VS Venezuela (Courtesy of Getty Images and published in Univision)

I could care less if Ms. Riquelme strips down, regardless of Paraguay winning or losing the 2011 Copa America. Ms. Riquelme can strip down without telling the world about her intentions.

Ms. Riquelme will probably disrobe whether or not Paraguay wins or loses the 2011 Copa America. While I could care less, the world can recognize that Ms. Riquelme is offering an alternative in the 2011 Copa America marred by brawls.


I would like to extend an invitation to the readers of B/R to read this article and express your opinion about Larissa Riquelme. I would like to thank my readers with the hope that they will enjoy the 2011 Copa America final between Paraguay and Uruguay.