Why BYU Fans Should Actually Be Rooting FOR Utah Thursday Night

Nathan RobiteContributor INovember 5, 2008

For those outside the Beehive State, BYU vs. Utah may seem like a regular game.  For those of us living inside, however, we know it's quite different.

To put it into perspective, "The Holy War," as it has been dubbed, is like Michigan-Ohio State, Texas-Oklahoma, or Notre Dame-USC. 

In Utah, come the last part of November, only one thing matters: Are you cheering for red or blue?

This year has been no different.  Both teams have performed really well, and emotions are running high looking forward to their meeting at Rice-Eccles Stadium on Nov. 22.

Tomorrow night, Nov. 6, 2008, TCU comes to face off against the University of Utah.  Surprisingly, blue-clad Cougar faithful should be cheering them on to victory.

Some may gasp at the thought.  Some may say, "I can't."  Still others will claim blasphemy.  Why must we cheer for that team up north?

Well, it's a bit tricky to think about, but I will try to explain.  It involves BYU's fleeting, faint hopes for a BCS bid.

As many know, three weeks ago BYU experienced a humiliating, humbling loss at the hands of these same Frogs.  TCU ran right through, around, and over the Cougars.  It tore down the foundation of hope BYU had for a coveted spot in a BCS bowl.

However, there are scenarios that may breathe life back into this dream.  It involves other teams, but it all starts tomorrow night.

First off, Boise State has to lose.  If they win out, they will end up undefeated and ranked higher than BYU and will take any spot the Cougars are looking at. 

Second, Ohio State has to lose another game.  This will drop them even lower and out of consideration for an open BCS spot.

Now, to the third stipulation.  TCU will win the outright conference title and vie for the BCS spot if they beat the Utes and win out.  The only team they have lost to was then-No. 2 Oklahoma in Norman.

If the Utes beat TCU, it will drop them to two losses and make their credentials a bit tinier in the eyes of the BCS brass. 

Assuming Utah beats the Frogs and then downs MWC cellar-dweller San Diego State next week, they will enter their match with BYU undefeated. 

BYU will have to beat San Diego State at home this week and win on the road at Air Force next week.  Then they will travel north on Nov. 22 with only the one loss.

If BYU ends up victorious on Nov. 22 under these conditions, they will end the season with a 11-1 record.

TCU will have two losses.  Utah's only loss will be to BYU.  Then the SMALL hope BYU has to be selected as the next BCS buster will be alive. 

So, all you Cougar fans—sit down tomorrow night, pull out anything red you have, and wear it.  (You do have something red, don't you?  If all else fails, take out a white shirt and smear a U on it with ketchup!)

All your hopes and dreams may rest upon that team "up north."