WWE: CM Punk vs. Triple H Should Not Happen at WrestleMania

Angel CervantesContributor IIIJuly 27, 2011

Triple H is probably salivating when he sees CM Punk right now. Not only is CM Punk a huge dollar sign for the company, but Triple H is also salivating for individual reasons. I believe that Triple H sees CM Punk as simply another shot to main-event WrestleMania in one of its title matches. If it does happen, most likely Triple H will once again put himself over.

WrestleMania 25 immediately comes to mind when I think of a similar scenario. At that event, Triple H easily disposed of a red-hot Randy Orton with ease and nearly killed all of the momentum that the Viper had at that time. Sure, Orton would recover and win the title the very next month, but it wasn’t the same. There are many more similar situations involving Triple H, but this is the freshest one. I could definitely see something similar happen if CM Punk gets in the ring with Triple H.

Imagine the situation: CM Punk runs rampant on the WWE. He disposes challengers left and right and not even the great John Cena is able to prevail against the straightedge superstar. Who’s left? Well, Triple H of course. He would play the conquering hero once again.

The thing with Triple H is that it doesn’t even matter if he’s heel or if he’s face. Either way, he will dominate Punk and make him look like an inferior wrestler.

If Triple H is a heel, then he’ll be an unstoppable/cool heel. If he’s a face, then he’ll surely be all jokes and smiles while letting the world know that he is the superior being and Punk is not in his league.

Even if Punk were to win, it probably would take some kind of fluke win because of course Triple H would never let Punk go over clean.

Now, I have been a Punk fan since day one. I watched the early matches with Cabana, I’ve watched the Samoa Joe trilogy, the battles with Raven and the awesome angle while he was leaving Ring of Honor. All these years that Punk has been in the WWE, I’ve felt the frustration right along with him.

Now, Punk has accomplished some great things while in WWE, no doubt about it. But even during his initial World Title wins, he was never truly given the ball and was never seen as a true main-eventer. For every huge step he took forward, he was pulled two huge steps back. Just recently, he went over a year without a win on pay-per-view.

When it was announced that his contract was nearing its end and that he would be taking a break, I understood it as I had felt much of the same frustration. When he spoke the truth in the worked shoot and so many people jumped on the bandwagon, I was elated for him and surprised that the company actually let him speak his mind.

I gave the company a round of applause for allowing Punk to go out in his hometown in such a big way. As the weeks progressed, it became clear that the company would be fools to let this man get away and that he actually had a great chance to dethrone WWE Champion John Cena in Chicago.

The night in Chicago was epic and I was proud of what Punk accomplished on that night, even if I did feel like the company was doing it way too late.

I’ve had a connection with CM Punk from the beginning and have also been straightedge since then. He would deliver many memorable promos in Ring of Honor and I would feel each word. It was real and I could relate.

CM Punk has never and will never have more leverage that he currently has and I sure hope that the man knows what he’s doing. I do trust Punk and believe that he knows how much power he currently yields.

My suggestion? Use it all. The frustration over the years? Remember it and use it to your advantage. Let them know that you are not a superstar, but rather you are a professional wrestler. Remember what they did to Cabana. Bring over your friends as well.

Do not be deceived by the smiles the McMahon family has and stay away from Triple H. That last one would be my biggest piece of advice.

If the new contract is signed, I certainly hope that you spoke out as only you can and that it is like no other current wrestler’s contract.

I love what you have evolved to and I have been a supporter from day one. Barring any extreme circumstances, I will always be a Punk supporter.

CM Punk vs. Triple H at WrestleMania screams of politics and just gives me a bad feeling. At Money in the Bank, I told my wife, “The only way they screw up this angle would be by bringing Triple H into the mix.” Low and behold, he returns the very next night. I could not help but shake my head.

All I can say now is be cautious. At the end of the day, the company is worried about profits and making money, rightfully so. Triple H has put himself over ever since he married into the McMahon family.

Knowing all of this, Punk should look out for Punk. Be careful, a feud with Triple H is a very dangerous game that only a few have lived to tell about. I hope you know what you are doing.