Date with Destiny: Will Alberto Del Rio Cash in His Briefcase in October?

Kaizar CantuCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2011

Alberto del Rio has rallied WWE, prophesying the inevitable residence of a World Title around his waist. Several enthusiastic fans have jumped on his wagon faithfully, yet the details surrounding the time and place in which his coronation will happen have been uncertain. Such uncertainty might disappear very soon.

The wrestler formerly known as Dos Caras Jr. is one of WWE’s most promising new stars and has been pushed accordingly by the promotion. What started as a shocking debut victory over Rey Misterio almost a year ago has lead to constant whispering regarding del Rio’s bright future.

The speculation increased through his involvement with main event stars, bouts to determine No. 1 contendership, and a couple of championship matches.

Alberto’s victory at the 2011 Royal Rumble seemed to foreshadow a victory over then World Heavyweight Champion Edge at Wrestlemania, yet fortune bashed del Rio with several obstacles that have delayed his destiny, mainly Edge’s retirement, the impromptu annual draft and CM Punk’s negotiations with the company, which spawned what might be the most interesting angle of the year.

The Mexican Aristocrat’s retrieval of Raw’s MITB briefcase double-locked his already solid promise of championship gold, but the Summer of Punk pushed it back for a little longer. Meanwhile, supporters of this man (and maybe even Alberto himself) have grown impatient. Nevertheless, we might not be waiting for too long.

WWE will tour Mexican territory in October, and even though my country is always happy when the promotion rolls around, this occasion promises to be extra special because both Raw and SmackDown! will televise the shows taking place at Mexico City.

With that in mind, rumor has been spread around that Alberto Del Rio might cash in Raw’s Money in the Bank briefcase and successfully achieve his first World Championship in front of his countrymen.

The move would be brilliant and could explain (or at least excuse) creative’s constant lack of determination that has been linked to Alberto del Rio’s proclaimed destiny. Then again, he could win the title earlier and arrive to his home country as champion.

In spite of what’s destined to happen, the audience will have to wait.