Vince Young and the Speedsters: Philadelphia Eagles Just Keep Getting Faster

Daniel KablackCorrespondent IIIJuly 29, 2011

Noel Devine and Dion Lewis are two of the most underrated rookies to join the NFL this season
Noel Devine and Dion Lewis are two of the most underrated rookies to join the NFL this seasonStephen Dunn/Getty Images

Andy Reid is doing what most fans wish their coach would do.

He is building his team with some of the most exciting, explosive players he can get his hands on.

The signing of two rookies, Dion Lewis and Noel Devine, both out of the Big East...and both known for spectacular speed, shows us that his method isn't changing at all.

Then, on top of that, he brings in one of the best collegiate rushing quarterbacks in NCAA history...Vince Young.

How could you not be excited to be an Eagles fan?

With the arrival of these offensive weapons, Andy Reid has essentially told the rest of the league that they will be playing catch up all year long.

Over the years, Reid has meticulously put together a fantastic coaching staff, capable of taking in players thought to be out of their prime and turning them back into superstars, and I have no doubt the same will happen with Vince Young.

So what sets the Eagles apart, what makes them so different?



The confidence Andy Reid has in his staff to take all these new signings and have them playing as a well woven football team by Week 1.


This is what gives his team the advantage.

Reid no longer hesitates to take in players that have been marked as 'Lazy', or have had their name tarnished by some off-field incident.

He sees the talent in players and knows when they arrive in Philadelphia, they will work harder, because they have been given the chance to win again.

Some of the fastest players in the NFL now sit on the Philadelphia Eagles roster.

Quarterbacks Michael Vick and Vince Young will likely both get playing time this year, both are known for their running ability, and we should expect to see them doing a lot of it.

The Eagles backfield is frightening.

Made up of mostly former Big East players, Pittsburgh's LeSean McCoy and Dion Lewis as well as West Virginia's Noel Devine and former West Virginia fullback Owen Schmitt will have to set aside their old college 'Backyard Brawl' emotions to create one of the most exciting rushing attacks we will probably see for years to come.


Dion Lewis has shown spectacular speed during his two year career at Pittsburgh. His freshman year he was named National Freshman of the Year by Sporting News and CBS Sports after tallying up nearly 2,000 rushing yards. He was very lightly recruited out of high school and stayed under the radar until the end of his Freshman year when he finished 3rd nationally in rushing yards in 2009. He was named a preseason All-American by Sporting News going into the 2010 season, and finished the year with another 1000 yard performance to go along with 13 touchdowns.


Noel Devine, much like Lewis, is a small, quick-footed running back. Devine's ability to make ankle breaking cuts and explode into the open field has won more than a couple games during his time at West Virginia. His production lagged during his final season due to an injury and a lack of focus on a running game by the former head coach Bill Stewart, but he still finished with nearly 1,000 yards.

Both of these running backs should see some playing time during their rookie seasons, though it may be infrequent. Lewis could use some extra time to develop over the next couple seasons but both of these backs could be a valuable asset in both the rushing and passing game.

Coach Andy Reid likes to spread his backfield into the receiver positions to create mismatches against the defense, this is a perfect spot for two, smaller, quick running backs who could really take off in open space.

Of course, let us not forget there are a couple pretty good receivers already out there catching the ball.

All of these factors combined with No. 7 behind center will cause defensive nightmares all season long.

I can't wait for football season to start.