Harrison's WWE DVD Review: John Morrison: Rock Star

Andre HarrisonCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2011

“The Shaman of Sexy gets his own DVD. Sadly, it’s not really a Monday Night Delight.”

Hey everyone, Andre Harrison back at it once again with another Wrestling DVD review. This time I shall be taking a look at John Morrison’s DVD release from 2010, John Morrison: Rock Star. It’s a one-disc release, featuring about two hours of matches, as well as split up documentary around Morrison’s interests outside of the ring as well. Let’s take a look at John Morrison: Rock Star, here, on The Harrison Analysis!


The DVD starts with John talking about his favorite moves and where they came from. Quite frankly his nicknames for them and how he got them are just plain bizarre. The whole DVD is shot and filmed in his home state of California and he’s the host of his own DVD.

 John Morrison vs. CM Punk (ECW Championship Match, ECW, September 4, 2007)

Bit peculiar to see this on the DVD to be honest, it sticks out a bit in comparison to the other matches on here. You’ll see what I mean further down. Basically, this is a rematch from their Night of Champions PPV match on Free TV. This was also CM Punk’s last chance to become ECW Champion. This is one of the first times I realized Morrison could be something special, he had MAD chemistry in this match with a game CM Punk. This was very good, both guys had crisp exchanges, the crowd was really into it (especially towards Punk) and they threw in some nice nears fall down the stretch as well. Definitely a PPV-quality match on Free TV. Both guys looked better as a result and the crowd really dug Punk’s win at the end. All in all, very little complaints. *** ½


Morrison talks about being a partner with The Miz and his show The Dirt Sheet. We get a very cool montage of some of their best bits. Real shame they weren’t together for too long. And this stuff was WAY better than any promo he’s actually cut on TV.

The Miz and John Morrison vs. D-Generation X (Raw, November 3, 2008)

This basically came about due to Miz and Morrison poking fun at D-X. We all knew how that was going to end, didn’t we? The match actually started during a commercial break, so we don’t see the whole match here. This was a solid Tag Team match for RAW, but there was very little interest from me on this one, as we all knew where this was going in all fairness. At no point did I think Morrison and Miz had any chance of winning, which makes the selection of this match for the DVD very confusing. There’s so many better examples of Miz and Morrison as a team, so why pick one where they lose? Why not have their Wrestlemania 25 Unified Tag Team Championship Match with The Colons on here instead? It makes sense chronologically as well. * ¾


Morrison talks about the WWE Universe and answers questions from the fans, like his ideas for ring gear, where the palace of wisdom is and whether he can grate cheese on his abs. Highly scripted.

John Morrison vs. Evan Bourne (ECW, April 14, 2009)

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this was one of the best matches in the history of the redone ECW era. This was fantastic. Morrison and Bourne were a perfect fit for one another, Bourne’s bumping was off the charts here and both men’s athleticism was shown to the max. Some fantastic spots like Morrison’s Pele kick and Bourne’s double knees from the top. Small shame a commercial means some of the actions was missed, but overall, an astonishingly good match and the best of Bourne’s WWE-stint so far. * ¾


Next up, some footage of Morrison’s workout routines and some of his Parkour training. Only now in 2011 is that being shown off in the ring, which is a shame, as his athleticism and ability are unmatched by anyone in the WWE roster. Truly unique.

Chris Jericho (Intercontinental Champion) vs. John Morrison (WWE Superstars, June 11, 2009)

The first and only time to date where a match from WWE Superstars has made a DVD release. Another example of a great wrestler like Jericho elevating a mid-carder to his standard. I loved when he was shouting at Morrison to make him give up early on, didn’t take him seriously and almost made him lose as he got caught with some big moves from Morrison. He had to resort to cheating (pulling the tights) to win. This, overall, was an excellent 10 minute match from both men, played with a good story and had some good wrestling sprinkled in. Just unfortunate that in the first four matches on the disc, Morrison lost three of them. Why? *** ¼

More workout and stunts from Morrison at stadium arenas across the country. Actually really liked this footage, Morrison can bring it when he’s working out.

John Morrison vs. Edge (Smackdown, June 19, 2009)

Part of the summer of Smackdown 2009, where the new Smackdown Six (Mysterio, Jericho, Edge, Hardy, Morrison and Punk), were putting on great matches left and right. What this match had was better wrestling content, but at the expense of a story.  Morrison’s uniqueness shone through again and he and Edge had a killer last two to three minute ending stretch, with a missed spear, a Moonlight Drive countered into a sick Edgecution and a missing Starship Pain costing Morrison the match. Yet another Morrison loss on this DVD. Unfortunate, but still a very solid match, as I actually believed late on that Morrison could have pulled off the upset. *** ¼


A quick highlight package of Morrison’s signature moves and what they do. Nice stuff.

CM Punk (World Heavyweight Champion) vs. John Morrison (Smackdown, June 26, 2009)

Interesting to see the two shake hands, considering Punk was the transitioning heel battling with Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship in the summer of 2009. We all know of these men’s history and yet again, another really good match between the two friends. Smooth mat wrestling and it wound up nicely down the stretch. It was a great surprise to see Morrison get a clean win on the World Heavyweight Champion, which was a real shame as it never really went anywhere for him until after Punk lost the belt at the Night of Champions PPV. Still, another great Smackdown contest. But why are none of these matches on PPV? *** ¼


We see John Morrison making a surfboard. Next!

Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison (World Heavyweight Championship Match, Smackdown, July 31, 2009)

Remember that title shot I was talking about earlier? Yep, this was it. Hardy looked motivated and he meshed very well with yet another game Morrison performance. The match definitely had the big feel and the crowd was really into it. The crowd was torn despite Hardy being so over. The match had a really nice back and forth feel to it also. The end sequence was great as Morrison became the only man in WWE history to get a kick out after a Swanton Bomb in one of the best nearfalls I’ve seen in the WWE in recent memory. Told you, this was when Smackdown was at its very best and delivered. Hardy’s popularity boosted what was another very good TV match. *** ½


Morrison goes surfing. Insert witty line here.

Rey Mysterio vs. John Morrison (Intercontinental Championship Match, Smackdown, September 4, 2009)

And now, the reason why you should buy this DVD. This was an Intercontinental Championship match announced with only a week’s build for Smackdown and this match ended the first hour. But NO ONE expected this match to be as awesome as it was. Some of the most unique chain wrestling I’ve ever seen with fantastic counters and when it got into stride, this was some of the best athletic wrestling in the WWE’s modern era. Mysterio and Morrison were fantastic, back and forth with unique counters and the crowd just got more and more into it as it went on. It never let up. It goes on for over 20 minutes and takes up three individual segments on Smackdown, something rarely seen. I mean, when you can get 15,000 people to chant “This is awesome,” you have gold in your ring. Morrison eventually wins a battle with a Starship Pain, for the biggest win of his career to date. Go see this match, it is absolutely fantastic and my TV match of the year for 2009. **** ¼


Morrison thanks us for going through his life, which is odd. I’ll explain why in a moment. By the way, there’s a bonus of Morrison cutting his first promo in his current gimmick in ECW. Makes sense given the disc I guess.

Harrison’s Final Thoughts on John Morrison: Rock Star

When it comes down to the nitty gritty, I can’t help but question the point of this DVD. Of the eight matches, Morrison loses five of them. And while they’re of an exceptional quality, they’re all on free TV and many of his major title wins, Tag and IC, are ignored. It’s basically John Morrison, the best of 2009, as six of the eight matches are from that year and four of which are from Smackdown. It’s like they were unsure what to do with this, as there isn’t enough material for a three-Disc, even when you include his Johnny Nitro work, but there isn’t enough diversity to make even a one-disc. His documentary portions for the most part are dull and staged and don’t give  insight into his life either.

However, the match quality here is truly excellent, as only one match is below two stars and all of the rest hover in the three-four star bracket and the last match is a must see with Mysterio. So if you’re gonna buy this DVD, buy it for that reason. Only for die-hard Morrison fans and DVD collectors. If you have the DVD, do let me know what you think of it! I’ve been Andre Harrison, thank you very much for watching and Sayonara!

Harrison’s Final Rating of John Morrison – Rock Star: 6.0 out of 10 – Decent