Creature vs. Creature 2.0: Semi-Final Voting; Deciding the Two Finalists!

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IJuly 29, 2011

Hi there. As you can tell I'm not Jacob Waring. Jacob, the fine coordinator of this contest, is on vacation this week and asked me to fill in the writing of these articles while he is away. Now without further delay:

Over the past month the greatest writers in the Bleacher Report's proud wrestling section have gathered to do battle. Not in the ring like our pro wrestling idols, but with their words and their ability to write. One by one some of the best writers on this website have fallen. Now we find out who the final two writers will be.

These four men have proved themselves to be the best of the best. Their hard work has paid off too, but only two of them will be able to say they were in the finals of the Wrestling Section's Creature vs. Creature 2.0 competition and only one can be named the winner.

Who will it be?

This time around the final-four have engaged in a old school debate style article much like the original Creature vs. Creature articles from way back when.

Hamster Fan, Chinmay, Rize, and Eric Kanes have all wrote about very touchy subjects also.

The use, or the non-use, of blading and chair shot in the World of professional wrestling. These topics have been debated back and forth between the four competitors with one of them being for and one of them being against the use of blading and the use of steel chairs in pro wrestling.

This has made the strategy for the writers very different. With this monkey wrench thrown into the rules of the competition the writers have had to adapt their strategy as in this round they have not just had to write about a topic, they have had to legitimately try and convince the reader their point over their opponent's direct opposite one.

This will make voting for a winner somewhat more difficult so I ask that you take your time when reading over these article. The writer's have worked very hard to make it this far.

Voting, per the usual, will end at 12a.m. Sunday. I also ask that all voters take the time to read all four articles before voting. I encourage you to not vote solely on your personal stance concerning these topics. Hear their argument out and take it into account before voting.


Should Blading Be Banned? Yes or No?

Hamster Fan's Article vs. Chinmay's Article

Should Steel Chair Shots Be Banned? Yes or No?

Rize's Article vs. Eric Kanes's Article

Be sure to pick only one person per topic or your vote will not count.

The winner of the semi-final round will be the final two and will go head to head to determine who is the greatest writer in the Bleacher Report's Wrestling Section.

Have a good week everyone. Read the articles carefully and vote with caution. Jacob Waring will resume the writing of these C vs. C 2.0 articles next week when he returns from vacation.


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