Will Kentucky's Last Three Games Be a Springboard to a Better Bowl?

Jordan ColemanAnalyst INovember 6, 2008

Kentucky fans are in a state of bliss. The Wildcats have started their much anticipated basketball season, and the Wildcats football team is going bowling for the third year in a row.

Yes, you heard correctly. The Kentucky Wildcats are going bowling for the third year in a row. For the first time since the Paul "Bear" Bryant era, the Cats are going to back-to-back-to-back bowl games.

Coming off a tough 14-13 victory at Starkville against the Mississippi State Bulldogs, the Cats are now 6-3 on the year, with three games remaining on the regular season schedule.


Coming up next on Nov. 8 are the Georgia Bulldogs. Georgia is pissed off after getting absolutely thumped by the Florida Gators (who also thumped the Wildcats). Georgia features a very talented squad, which many people predicted to win the BCS title early in the season.

Kentucky will need to come out blazing on all cylinders to stay in the game with Knowshon Moreno and the Bulldogs. Georgia is coming into Lexington looking for some revenge. The last time UGA made the trip to Lexington, in 2006, they left in defeat. They will also be looking to prove themselves after the spanking that the Gators put on them last Saturday.

My prediction: UGA 27, UK 10


On Nov. 15, the Vanderbilt Commodores make the trip north from Nashville to Lexington to take on the Cats.

Vanderbilt started off the season blazing. The Dores started the season going 5-0, including an ESPN GameDay prime time win over Auburn.

But lately, Vandy has fallen off the radar. The Commodores have lost three straight games to Mississippi St., Georgia, and a surprising loss to Duke.

I see the Cats having no trouble beating the Commodores.

My prediction: UK 24, Vandy 14

After an off week for the Cats after the Vandy game, the Cats travel to Knoxville to take on their struggling rival Tennessee.

Tennessee has seemed to fall off the earth this season, going 3-6 so far, and just recently head coach Phillip Fulmer resigned for next season after close to 30 years in the UT football program.

Kentucky hasn't beaten the Vols in over 20 years. Some Kentucky fans think that if the Cats do not beat this pretty bad Tennessee team, then UK will never beat UT in football. That is what some UK fans are thinking.

This is the Cats' best chance to finally exorcise the UT football demon that has haunted us forever, and I think the Cats FINALLY beat the Vols of Tennessee in football.

My prediction: UK 24, UT 20


I see Kentucky finishing out the regular season winning two more games and finishing up with a regular season of 8-4.

Even though I predict the Cats to go 2-1 to finish the season in our final three games, the Cats could very well go 1-2, or even 0-3, if they take any team remaining lightly.

Kentucky shouldn't take Vandy lightly, even though they have been on a recent skid. Also, the Cats cannot take the struggling Vols lightly. Any team that beats you 20+ years in a row you cannot take lightly, no matter what kind of team they have.

Any win that the Cats get now is only putting them in place for a better and better bowl game. Some bowl games being mentioned for the Cats are the Liberty Bowl, the Music City Bowl (of course), and possibly the PapaJohns.com Bowl.

Also, for what it's worth, the Outback Bowl and the Chick-fil-A Bowl will be at Commonwealth Stadium scouting the UGA vs. UK game. Both teams are candidates.

Kentucky is going bowling for the third straight year!


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