NFL Network: I Hate You

Chris RadezSenior Writer INovember 6, 2008

So it's only the Browns and the Broncos. I don't care. As a fan of the NFL, I would have liked to see Brady Quinn's debut, which apparently was pretty good. Of course, I can't judge his performance too much, since I was following the game on

Sure, I could have streamed the game online somewhere. I could even pay for NFL Network in addition to all the other crap I don't watch on cable.

It wouldn't even be completely out of line for me to get Direct TV, since every real sports fan is silly to do without it.

Apparently I'm silly.

You know ... I even could have gone to the local sports bar and caught the game there. I almost did too. But, when I called to see if they had NFL Network... I could hear all of the rowdy drunkards in the background.

Don't get me wrong, I do like me some ice cold beer... but most of these bar folks are just jerks.

Once I heard them in the background, I was reminded of why I stopped going out unless it was a special occasion. C'mon NFL ... are you really going to make me go see these goons I went to high school with, whom I've been perfectly happy avoiding?

It just doesn't make sense to me, with all the money the NFL makes, that they feel the need to monopolize the market even more, by forcing viewers to purchase their TV station.

I know this has been mulled over in the recent past, but I guess this first Thursday in November reminded me of how much it annoyed me last year.

I'll keep this short... but gosh, am I the only one who's still really peeved about this?