UConn 2011 Basketball: Drummond Announcement Next Week Sparks Speculation

Daniel DinunzioAnalyst IJuly 30, 2011

Andre Drummond has kept the media and public in the dark about his future plans.
Andre Drummond has kept the media and public in the dark about his future plans.

There is a lot of talk out of the Andre Drummond camp that a big announcement will be made during the first week of August.  Everybody in the world is curious to see what many call the best big man since Greg Oden has planned for the upcoming school year.

Is Drummond changing prep schools?

Does he want to come out and pledge his allegiance to Coach Quinn and stay another post-grad year at St. Thomas Moore?

Or the unthinkable.  Is Andre Drummond ready to become a member of the defending national champion Connecticut Huskies?

No matter how you slice it or dice it, all the confusion, speculation and guessing game has to come to an end at one point or another.  Calhoun has been mute on his return, and it maybe it has something to do with landing the biggest and most-talented recruit in the history of UConn basketball.

That is saying something!  Calhoun has been in the media spotlight because of the attention directed at the Athletic Department and more specifically Athletic Director Jeff Hathaway.

The odds that Drummond comes to UConn in the fall is small.  He has supposedly already shut down any such idea, but he is going to be 18 years old next month.  Kids change their minds all the time, and his mother wants him to go to college for at least one year no matter what happens.

The massive uncertainty surrounding the NBA could make Andre Drummond feel like a year of college is his best option, before a possible jump to the 2012 NBA draft.  He can still enter the draft next year if the collective bargaining agreement stays similar, because a post-grad year keeps him one year removed from high school.

Drummond is incredibly talented.  He has drawn comparisons to Amar'e Stoudemire and Shawn Kemp.  At the moment, UConn doesn't have an open scholarship, but I'm sure Calhoun would find a way to show another player the road in order to usher in the kid UConn fans have wanted to end up in Storrs for the last three years.

Seth Davis of Sports Illustrated pointed to the uncertainty and different circumstances that have made the Drummond recruiting so different from any other top prospect.  The other interesting aspect is nobody but Drummond and his immediate family knows what his plans are.  Of course, that would include a university that has been doing some serious work behind the scenes.

Imagine a starting lineup of Andre Drummond, Alex Oriakhi, Roscoe Smith, Jeremy Lamb and Shabazz Napier.  Throw in Ryan Boatright and DeAndre Daniels off the bench, that is one of the best seven-set combination of players in college basketball.

One way or another, Andre Drummond will make a decision sooner or later.  One decision that could keep Calhoun on board to coach a couple years in search of another national championship.