Lisa Horne Is Right! Chicks Do Dig the Long Ball, As Well As...

Kara MartinSenior Analyst INovember 8, 2008

...the checkered flag, the home run, the tap-out, the slam dunk, the volley, the bump, the "goaaalll," and every other term that goes along with the sports we are passionate about.
History tells us that sports have always been a man’s world. In ancient Greece, women were not allowed to watch sports, much less play them. Even today, not all sports are accessible to women. In athletics, this is quickly being undone and here on Bleacher Report, we women are proving that we can hang with the big boys by matching wits and knowledge.
Gone are the days (at least in this forum) where girls play dumb by twirling their hair, batting their eyelashes, and asking for the 15th time in 30 minutes what a "blitz" is, complaining about the engine noise at a stock-car race, or yawning during a tennis match because she is bored watching the ball bounce back and forth.
What am I saying? Of course those girls will always exist, it's sadly the nature of the beast! I'm just glad that I'm not one of them!
These girls are at their best cuddled up on the couch, impatiently waiting for the game to end so that they can regain their man's attention span. All the while stifling the urge to yell out, "How much longer is this game going to be on? The clock said 15 minutes, but it's been close to 45; I just don't understand why it is taking so long, you said we could go shoe shopping as soon as it was over, but now the mall is about to close!"
But I digress.
People will always have a reason as to why women should not be allowed to play. Recent attention was brought to Kacy Stuart, an Atlanta-area 14-year old who made it onto a local school's football team for place-kicking duties. And that's right, she's a girl! Female kickers are not new, but there is a twist in Kacy's story.
She was sidelined for most of the season by an athletic league official because she's a girl. The first team she played cited verses from Romans to express their disagreement with her participation. Her team won, 38–7, with her doing all the kickoffs and three extra points. 
Can you believe it? People were actually quoting scripture from the Bible during the game as a means to assert their animosity towards the situation!
We just elected our first African-American President, proving that times they are a changin', and yet a female playing football is still frowned upon!
Boys will argue that if a woman can play football, then can they try out for the girl's soccer team? Here is my response, no you can't, because boy's soccer teams already exist!
There are no all-female leagues in high school or college, they don't have a choice. Seriously, who cares where the talent comes from! I say, If you got it, flaunt it! Boys, some of those girls are helping to win the game for you!
Here at B/R, the talented women writers prove that the species is evolving. We know what we are talking about and got the chops to prove it.
Just look at Lisa Horne, who not only holds the top spot in the College Football Community, but is the top writer of this site. She's been published on multiple sports related websites and is in her second year as a contracted college football sportswriter on This year she even did live commentary during Super Bowl XL II.
Dorothy Willis is truly inspirational. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1996, has served the public well through her decorated medial career, has been married to the same man for 40 years, and is a grandmother of six. She is the community leader and No. 1 writer of the MMA Community with 163 written articles under her belt.
Kristin Hamlin joined B/R about two months ago and has already been honored with five POTDs! If you have not read anything by her yet, I highly encourage to do so! She truly has a gift and has easily become one of my favorite writers!
Sarawathi Sirigina has recently accepted a Co-Community Leader position for Formula One racing. She is one of the most humorous, consistent writers that I've had the pleasure of knowing. She is also an awesome editor who I'm grateful to after each article of mine goes to print.
In the NASCAR Comminity, four out of five of the Top Writers are female!
Mary Jo Buchanan, our Community Leader holds the top writer's spot. She is an avid NASCAR fan who has been following the sport for a lifetime. The woman knows her stuff about all of the series that make up the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. When I think NASCAR, I think Mary Jo!
Kelly Crandall, who was recently promoted to Co-Community Leader, will tell you that she has "a love of NASCAR that borders on obsession." She holds top positions in many of the NASCAR sub-communities. Kelly has an unreal knowledge of the sport! Give her any subject and she can write an excellent article about it at the drop of a hat!
Yours truly. If you've read my profile or any of my other articles then you know what I'm about. I know how to play down and dirty when it comes to challenging the boys. I've won the Sprint Cup Fantasy League against The (Sports) Junkies and their group of male fans.
Those boys sure did talk a lot of smack when they found out that they were playing with a "dumb girl." I got the last laugh when each of them were forced to reach deep into their pockets to pony up MY winnings!
Jen Preston, an amazing young woman, who "dreams of becoming a NASCAR journalist." It's in her blood as she was born into a family of NASCAR fans. What is most impressive about her talent as a writer is that she is still in high school! I wish that I'd had that kind of discipline when I was her age, which leads me to the next group of young writers.
At 17 years of age, Cameon Shiflett, the "Bama Chick," recently nabbed her second POTD in two months time and sits in the Top five of the Alabama Crimson Tide Football Community.
Michelle Alves, the 18-year-old, no-holds-barred, self-admitted "crazy (world) football girl" from Dubai, currently holds the No. 1 spot in the Humor Community and is a huge contributor to the FIFA Community. I wish that I'd been that funny at 18!
Molly Gray, a student at The Ohio State University, has an incredible, consistent knack for wearing two hats that she fashionably pulls of so well! One in the MLB Community, the other in the College Football Community.
So to you ladies and all of the women who contribute to Bleacher Report, cheers! It is a true honor to be in your presence!
Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble when we are perfect in every way, but together we have shown the men that we can huddle-up just as good as we can cuddle-up!
**To the ladies whom I did not mention by name, please know that you've got my utmost respect! And please send me notifications of your new articles. I'm all about the girl power and great writing!**