BYU's Home Winning Streak Easily Maintained

Todd WestraContributor INovember 8, 2008

After doing nothing with the ball on the first possession, I was fairly concerned with the way BYU's "Resurrected" offense was going to handle one of the nation's worst defenses. Fortunately, while I ducked away for a minute to grab some stadium grub for my son, BYU somehow managed to put a quick touchdown on the board! 

Discovering early that the running game just wasn't working to their advantage today, Max Hall took to the air and completed eight completions in eight attempts in the first quarter. Hall later said, "We were able to take advantage of what they were giving us. They gave us a lot of stuff on the edges. They played soft on Austin and Mike, and I just have good guys who can make plays."

Max Hall definitely took advantage of the situations, ending the day with 25 of 30 passes for 317 yards and three touchdowns. Max completed passes to more than eight receivers and was able to grace senior Michael Reed in his final home game with five receptions for 95 of his best games of the season.

While today's victory may have been a cake walk, there were some very significant things that came out of it. For one thing, it improved their record to 9-1 for the season. As incredible as that may be, I'd have to say that one of the more amazing statistics is that BYU has not lost a home game in the last three seasons. That's right...18 straight home games have been in BYU's favor.  

In the three games following BYU's loss to TCU, Max Hall has more than enough to redeem his credibility to the blue faithful. He has passed for close to 1,000 yards with 80 percent pass completion. Among all those yards, there has only been one interception and 12 touchdowns. TCU's containment of Hall was enough to make a lot of skeptics jump all over him. I would think that after the incredible rebound of our offense, the next two games should be a breeze. 

While the next weeks should be exciting to say the least, the final home game is over, and BYU's longest home-game winning streak is still in tact. I, for one, am confident that if they can ride this momentum into the next two games, BYU will end up with a one-loss season and a share of the MWC Championship. 

Go Cougars!