WWE Diva's Speak Out: Is Anyone Listening? Questioning the Women's Division

Vanda RamkissoonContributor IIIAugust 6, 2011

Following on the heels of CM Punk’s recent statements concerning his mistreatment at the hands of WWE management, former WWE Divas Gail Kim and Melina have added their own voices to the controversy.

We all know that Melina has been released from the company, and Gail Kim has said that she has quit the company. (That is, she has not been released; I am not sure if this is a part of a story line.)

Melina has stated publicly that she is upset by the way the women’s division is being treated, making a specific reference to the short matches that we have become accustomed to seeing lately. She even stated a petition via Twitter, asking fans to add their voices to what she calls, "the disrespect against the Divas."

To go out on a limb, I will say that the women’s division has not been developed for a long time now. WWE is happy with having a few short matches, which are getting to be less and less, in fact many of the women’s matches in the recent past were there to gain heat for Michael Cole who was constantly criticising the ladies.

The question is, who do we blame for this: WWE management, the Divas or us the fans? Or is it a combination of all?

WWE Creative really do not seem to have faith in the women’s division. Now that the recent push with Kharma has gone belly up, they seem to be clueless on how to move forward.

With Kharma I was at least interested in watching RAW to see what she would do. Her pregnancy has put her out of the ring, and just like that, we went back to being un-intrigued.

We’ve seen some uneventful title changes, and now we see that Beth Phoenix and Natalya have adopted the Kharma "kill the pretties" campaign with Kelly Kelly and AJ suffering on RAW and SmackDown, respectively.

To put another thought in your mind, I have seen rumors surfacing that Beth Phoenix is being given a push to please CM Punk, similar to the comments that were made about Michelle McCool and the Undertaker previously.

If this is how things really work at WWE, then there is really no hope of the women’s division coming out of the hole it is currently buried in.

Can we blame the Divas themselves for the problems? There are two sides to this. One is that WWE probably believe that they are not making a name for themselves, or to put it another way, not as entertaining to the fans in the way that some of their male counterparts are. On the other hand, if they are not being offered more lucrative opportunities, it is hard for them to grab hold and make something out of it.

Related to this, of course, are the fans who pay for male superstars’ merchandise, etc. If you are not selling, you are not going to get the perks at work for it, and that’s the bottom line. Of course, if are not given the opportunity to hear and see the Divas as much as we see other top money- making superstars, there is no way we are going to give up our hard earned dollars.

My other question is the one from the title: Is anyone listening to them? When CM Punk talks, we listen, all of us, the fans, other superstars and management. In fact, it is the whole point of the story line, piss the fans off so much that Punk’s recent character was like a breath of fresh air to a drowning person.

Are the fans pissed enough at the state of the women’s division to coerce WWE into making a change? I think not.

The Diva’s will have a much harder road to walk down if they want more equity. Seeing that neither Melina nor Gail Kim have had much to do in the recent past (and I mean no disrespect to the two, I am just stating the facts) it is very unlikely that WWE is going to struggle without them. The fans will not be rioting now that they have left and WWE will not suffer any losses because of it.

Will the remaining Divas speak out against it? I feel that this is the only way for them to get any real change; it has to be one voice speaking for all, not one or two every now and again. But given the state of the division, I doubt that all the women will stand united.

We can’t blame them for trying to get ahead in a profession where they are the minority. Get the title by any means necessary, even if it means putting your own beliefs on the back burner or stepping over someone else. At least a little extra in the pocket can’t hurt in a business where you are struggling.