WWE News: Rock vs. Cena Possibly in Danger of Being Cancelled

TJ NagyAnalyst IIIAugust 7, 2011

According to Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer, someone in the front office at WWE is actually trying to convince Mr. McMahon to cancel The Rock vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania 28, the most anticipated main event in WWE history.

According to Meltzer, this high-ranking executive apparently is a very "powerful voice" in the company, and is worried that Cena, the biggest name in the WWE today, will be heavily booed in Miami when he goes up against their hometown hero.

With the WWE under new management and moving in a new direction, the main concern is that Cena being booed by almost 70,000 people would not look good for the company's overall image and would be counterproductive to what the WWE is trying to currently accomplish.

The finish of the match was also heavily discussed, assuming that this match will still be for the WWE title. As of right now, that stipulation seems pretty certain. Putting the strap on The Rock would be an historic moment, but it could end up being very detrimental to the company's future plans.  

It's true, Cena will most likely be looked at as the heel, whether the WWE wants him to be or not. I could see how setting up Cena as the heel could possibly cause a few problems, especially when he's going up against someone who hasn't really made clear how far his stint at WWE will go after Wrestlemania.

There's been some speculation ever since this match was booked. Most critics didn't like the fact that the main event for Wrestlemania was set in stone a whole year in advance, since it put some big restrictions on what the company could do throughout the year. Obviously there was a debate over whether it should be for the WWE title. What if someone got hot all of a sudden? I'm sure people are already upset that the WWE's newest icon, CM Punk, won't even have the opportunity to compete in the main event in Miami.

Still, this match has already provided more anticipation than anything the WWE has ever done. Ticket packages are already gone, the press is eating it up, and old fans are returning after years of less than stellar programming. Ratings haven't jumped quite yet, but you can bet that once The Rock returns, that certainly won't be a problem.

Plus, 1,000,000+ Wrestlemania PPV buys is basically guaranteed. It could honestly be the biggest WWE event of all time with just that match alone.   

So to even consider canceling this match because it doesn't quite fit with the WWE's future plans? That has to be the worst business sense I could ever imagine. Hopefully, it's not Triple H's apparently big ego already getting in the way of things.

Fortunately, according to lordsofpain.net, when someone asked Cena on Twitter about this huge rumor, the champ shot it down pretty quick. 

Fan: "Any truth to the rumours that a top WWE exec wants your match with The Rock removed from the WM 28 card?" 

Cena: "none at all. That match needs to happen. If they kick us out we will fight.in parking lot."

Cena said exactly when this executive should already know. This match needs to happen. There's no backing out now, unless the WWE likes PR nightmares and losses of up to millions of dollars in revenue. 

Still, even with these rumors, there's obviously no chance that this match will actually be cancelled barring a serious injury to either competitor. The buzz is just too huge, and the consequences of such an action is just too severe. However, the simple fact that this idea is even being brought up to Mr. McMahon is absolutely shocking.

I hope this is the last we hear of this stupid idea.