What NFL Team Is Your Favorite College Football Team?

Jonny SAnalyst INovember 9, 2008

As a huge football fan in general, I often find myself watching college football on Saturdays and NFL games on Sundays and wondering what NFL team the USC Trojans play most like.

In other words, what college team plays like or reminds me of an NFL team's style? This article is completely fun and although I am serious about who I think the teams remind me of, I urge readers to enjoy this and take a break from your hectic BCS opinion and have some fun with your imagination for a few moments.

I am going to try and go through the top 10 of the BCS standings today and tell you what NFL team they play like or remind me of. I will give you some reasons, maybe some stats as well. Feel free to chime in with your opinions too, just please don't vent to me on how good your team is compared to another.

The win/loss record is not the biggest thing for me because in the NFL every team but one has a loss, instead I will concentrate on the style of play, offensively, defensively, etc.

Remember this is for 2008 only.

No. 1 Alabama you are...the Minnesota Vikings.

You have an unbelievable and big running back just like Adrian Peterson is for the Vikings. Your wide receivers are very solid. Your quarterback does not have the prettiest game but he always gets the job done; yet, people still don't understand how he does it. Your fans are nuts and your state also ends with the letter "A."

Your coach is always serious just like the Vikings coach. The defense is great against the run and gives up some big plays passing but for the most part your defense is top tier. You win some games 17-14 and other games you explode on offense. Last but not least, your accents are fairly strong down in the deep South...just like the Minnesotans accents are in the North, eh?

No. 2 Texas Tech you are...the New Orleans Saints.

Your quarterback is insanely good and throws for over 350 yards regularly, funny just like Drew Brees for the Saints. You have an explosive player in Crabtree who wears number 5, ironically the Saints have an explosive player who wore number five at USC...Reggie Bush. Your Red Raiders, just like the Saints, have hundreds of highly talented wide receivers... and we can only name one from each team.

The offenses are both pass first and typically the quarterbacks throw 40 to 50 times per game. The MVP and Heisman Trophy are looking probable for both. Your defense is pretty good but not great...same for the Saints. Both your coaches are offensive genius'. Home field advantage is always nice too.

No. 3 Texas Longhorns you are...the Indianapolis Colts.

Are either quarterbacks any good? Slightly. Both teams have veteran quarterbacks who make great decisions and run successful offenses. Your run game is used more as a tool to open up the pass, same for Indy. The defense is good against the run but is a little weak against the pass...Colts anybody?

Wide receivers galore whenever your teams take the field. The offenses are very much a mirror of one another. The best part of your teams...Both of you have some of the most classy and well-liked coaches in sports, period.

No. 4 Florida Gators you are...the Tom Brady New England Patriots.

Now I am not saying Tim Tebow is even NEAR Tom Brady because he is not even half the player Brady is. But the media loves them both and idolizes them to points that you think you are watching the storyline to a gay porno. Face it the media loves your quarterbacks... Nobody in the NFL runs the Gators offense because it wouldn't work in the NFL but your offensive line is always good and you have unbelievable speed like the Patriots' Moss and Welker.

Your coaches are some of the best in the game and are also some of the most disliked and hated coaches. They don't like press conferences and never smile, ever. The defenses are both very good when the offenses stays on the field and you get a rest but when the defense is on the field a lot, not quite as good!  You were picked by many at the beginning of 2008 to win it all. A lot of people hate you.

No. 5 Oklahoma Sooners you are...The Denver Broncos.

On any given day both teams can put up 40 points. Your quarterbacks are gunslingers and often put up huge numbers. No matter who Oklahoma and Denver have as a running back, they run the ball effective.

While you score a ton of points you also give up a ton. The defense gives up pass yards like a hooker at a college frat party. Both coaches are highly respected and both are institutions. Wide receivers love your teams this year and with a little help you will both make the playoffs.

No. 6 USC Trojans you are...The Pittsburgh Steelers.

Your offenses this year are not quite as good as most years but your defense is by far the hardest hitting! You demolish weaker teams and good teams you tend to just dominate but never win "impressively." Both coaches have incredible amounts of energy and can often times be seen running and high-fiving players along the sideline.

The quarterbacks you guys have are good but not elite yet. They manage the game and put up stats when needed but it is never Graham Harrell/Drew Brees like. Did I mention how tough your defenses are? People dread playing you guys because of how hard you hit and how much you enjoy it.

Although both teams traditions are some of the best ever in sports, because of early losses, many people forget about you until the end of the year and you are always there amidst it all. I almost forgot, if you put steelers in  Trojans... nevermind I think you know where I am going.

No. 7 Utah Utes you are...the Tampa Bay Bucs.

You are successful. You win. But nobody knows who the hell you are. You have some impressive wins but everybody knows when you guys play a really good team you have no shot. The defenses are solid and the offense gets what it can get. Veteran leadership is a must. Can anyone, not a Bucs fan, name more than three players on the Bucs team... didn't think so...how about the Utes...yeah me neither.

Postseason is in your near future but doubtful it will end a champagne bath...especially since people in Utah would prefer six wives and a non-alcoholic bath to celebrate.

No. 8 Penn State you are...the Atlanta Falcons.

Both teams are having wonderful years and are among the best, wait are they? Both teams win and win and still people are not believers. The Falcons and Nittany Lions can keep winning and winning and still people will not consider them one of the best.

Quarterback play is key for your teams and when they make mistakes you are toast. You would prefer to run the ball but if you need to pass you usually can. Each team had a combination of running backs that are good tough runners...anyone know much about either? At home you are unbeatable, on the road...different story.

The defenses are very underrated but this comes from playing on a team where nobody believes you are all that good. Joe PA has five less wins in his career than the Falcons have losses in their franchises' history...astounding huh?

No. 9 Boise State you are... the Miami Dolphins.

Everybody takes you lightly because of your name but you always show up to play. You two run very unorthodox offenses and running backs are often the ones who throw the touchdowns rather than your quarterback. Trick plays are not tricks for your teams...they are expected. The running game is always solid but sometimes the quarterback is questionable...hence the weird offense.

One of you uses the blue turf as a home field advantage while the other team uses blue fluorescent South Beach lights to distract opponents from their task at hand. One team's running back proposed to his girlfriend on one knee after a bowl game victory... the other drops to his knees after the best date he has ever had with a girl named Mary-Jane.

No. 10 Georgia Bulldogs you are... the San Diego Chargers.

Can anyone say running backs? Knowshawn Moreno and Ladanian Tomilson aren't slouches by any means and both teams rely heavily on their ability to run the football. The quarterbacks have star names and star stats but never quite win the big game. Your receivers are huge, physical , and talented players...but nobody is really a star. The coaches are two of the most liked coaches in football but often get criticized for not having their teams prepared. Injuries have hindered you guys like never before.

Last but not least... you were picked to be there in the end...one of the best teams, and you always underachieve. Underachievers should be the new team name for you both. One week you are an incredible team and look unbeatable...people start believing in you and two weeks later all those high expectations are down the drain.

Even if you go back to 2007, your teams were the hottest at the end of the year so experts everywhere thought you would dominate this year. If these teams played with the team they were supposed to be, they'd win.

Hope you enjoyed it and next week I will try and do 11-20!


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