John Cena Passes Pedro Morales for 4th All Time in Combined WWE Title Reigns

SiegeContributor IAugust 8, 2011

John Cena
John CenaKevin Winter/Getty Images

A record not so many people talk about, but Cena has solidified himself as truly one of the top WWE wrestlers/Superstars of all-time.

John Cena, with his nine WWE championship reigns (a record in itself), has a combined length of over 1,027 days, and it's still counting.

By passing 1,027 days he has passed Pedro Morales (who was the fourth WWE champion), for the all-time combined reign length and is now fourth all-time on the list behind Bob Backlund who is third, Hulk Hogan who is second and, of course, Bruno Sammartino who is first all-time with a combined 4,040 days as champion.

Not Rock, not Austin, not Bret Hart, not The Undertaker, not Shawn Michaels, not Triple H, not Randy Savage, not anyone else who has had the WWE title other than the three I named before have had longer combined reigns.

Cena beats "Stone Cold" Steve Austin by 500 days just to put it in perspective.

John Cena was also the first person to have a WWE title reign longer than 365 days, a full year, in over 18 years, which is unheard of for a major wrestling promotion to have happen in the age where a long title reign could be considered to be only five or six months.

Winning his first WWE Championship at the age of 27 in 2005, six years later he is now 34 years old and possibly has a good six or seven years left in his tank without injuries possibly holding him back.

He definitely won't break Sammartino's record (unless he holds the WWE title for the next nine-plus years straight which is unlikely), but if he keeps winning the WWE title on a regular basis with good length of reigns, he could pass Bob Backlund and even possibly Hulk Hogan.

I personally think he'll end up just short of Backlund, but who knows?

With stats like this, including seven years straight of a World Title match at WrestleMania (another record), and an amazing work ethic, we are witnessing one of the greatest names in the history of the business right now.

After seeing his debut against Kurt Angle, who would of thought this guy would end up like this?

Not bad for a guy who has only five moves of doom, huh?