The Strange Similarities Between Matt Cassel and Tom Brady

Hanz HeiligmannContributor INovember 10, 2008

Now before you go and accuse me of crowning Matt Cassel the NEXT Tom Brady, let me explain.  That's why I title the post "Strange Similarities"—cuz it's getting strange...

Yesterday Matt had an impressive game and win over the struggling Buffalo Bills...except for the one fumble, he had a solid and impressive game with no picks thrown.

By the way, thanks to the thousands of Bills fans who came to Gillette yesterday to enjoy some NE-style tailgating and our fine stadium. It was cool to see the support they have and the throngs of them who showed up for the shellacking. They were fun to meet and very classy...great fans...great to meet the ones I did. It was a long ride back to Buffalo, I'm sure...

After watching the first nine games, it appears to me that Matt is adjusting and improving.  Many on sports radio after the game were calling in to say it's just a product of the "system"...that you could plug my 16-year-old son in there, and he would be excelling just the same...poppycock!!!

Cassel is growing as a player, learning from his errors, and frankly, becoming better.  Look at the numbers of him and Brady in their first nine took me an hour to dig up and add the figures!!!

Except for the touchdown passes, it's "Strangely Similar"...

Brady: 173-260, 66 percent, seven picks, 16 TDs, 1,823 yards

Cassel: 156-233, 66 percent, seven picks, seven TDs, 1,566 yards

The numbers don't lie.  Granted, Brady had two stellar games against New Orleans where he threw four TDs, and the stinker in Denver where he threw four picks in one game.  My point is that all the Cassel bashers can calm down a bit.

Thursday will be the biggest test of all when we play our second game in four short days against Crybaby Brett Favvvvvvvv-re and the J-E-T-S.

Pats 27, Jets 24