Packers Just Short in 28-27 Loss in Minnesota

Jonathan WilsonContributor IINovember 10, 2008

In one of the NFL’s best known rivalries, two high caliber teams made a lot of mistakes , and the Vikings squeaked by the Packers by one point.

Two safeties in the first half—one on an illegal forward pass by Aaron Rodgers and the other from a sack in the end zone—gave the Minnesota Vikings the win.

The Packers trailed early, and only generated 184 yards of total offense all day. Once again, the running game struggled to produce, only pounding out a pitiful 74 yards. Adrian Peterson, on the other hand, steamrolled 192 yards and a touchdown.

The Green Bay secondary, however, was stellar, picking off three of Gus Frerotte’s tosses, which turned into 17 points on the board. In other words, the Pack wouldn’t have even been close if it weren’t for the defensive backs. That’s an ironic twist in a game where two safeties actually determined the win.

After all that, though, the cheeseheads had one last hope—a 52-yard attempt by Mason Crosby. However, the valiant kick—with plenty of distance—sailed wide right and the Vikings finally broke their losing streak.

Donald Driver set a franchise record, reaching 104 consecutive games with at least one reception.

Now, for the Packers, they’re back to the backbreaking work of digging themselves out of the hole. This game was the cusp of greatness for this season, and they’ve lost a lot of ground in that battle. Stupid mistakes and sloppy play have got to be corrected.

Crosby looks like the bad guy for missing the winning shot, but they should have never been in that position to start with. Step it up guys—Chicago is waiting, and they will be ready.