CC Sabathia Exclusive: New York Yankees Pitcher Discusses the Pepsi MAX Campaign

Teresa RocaCorrespondent IIAugust 11, 2011

Have you ever dreamed of playing baseball with your favorite player, who you once watched, idolized and inspired your passion for the game?

Well, Pepsi MAX is giving one lucky fan the opportunity to make that seemingly impossible dream a reality. 

If you build it, they will come. 

Pepsi MAX, the official soda of the MLB, has teamed up with MLB to promote the Field of Dreams campaign. This campaign, based on the 1989 film Field of Dreams, is giving one fan and 10 friends the opportunity to create their "Dream Team," as they can play against 11 of baseball's greatest living legends. The list includes Randy Johnson, Barry Larkin, Ken Griffey Jr., Rod Carew, Greg Maddux and more of baseball's greats. 

I was able to sit down with New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, the spokesman of the Field of Dreams campaign, about his thoughts in response to the thrilling campaign. 

“This campaign is very cool, very special,” said Sabathia. “These guys are legends in the game and to be able to have people vote and put together a team, I think is pretty cool.” 

Sabathia was featured in two commercials along with Randy Johnson, Rickey Henderson, Ozzie Smith, Evan Longoria and even the back of Babe Ruth. 

In the first commercial, Sabathia walks through a cornfield in Iowa as he follows a voice saying, "zero calories, maximum Pepsi taste." He then finds himself surrounded with baseball's greats (both living and deceased) who have not left the spot since the Pepsi MAX vending machine was placed there. 

In the second commercial, each player waits for the delivery of Pepsi MAX to arrive as the vending machine reads, "Sold out." Unable to wait, Evan Longoria begins to bang on the machine as the others join in banging their Pepsi MAX bottles and clapping their hands. When the delivery man finally arrives with the Pepsi, fireworks begin to go off as each player rejoices. 

“The commercial was awesome,” replied Sabathia on his experience shooting the commercial. “Just being around all those guys and hanging out you know, listening to all of those stories of playing in their day. It was pretty cool.”

To enter the contest, fans must visit to vote for their favorite legend in each position, creating their "Dream Team." Four finalists will be announced before the postseason and each will vie for votes. The winner will have his or her team play against the legends chosen in his or her hometown. Voting will come to an end on August 31st. 

“You can’t forget about the guys that got us into sports,” said Sabathia. “A lot of these guys I grew up watching and I was a fan of. Hopefully, I can be on this list one day and be the next generation to be voted on.”