My Thoughts on The NFL: Week 10

Michael FosterFeatured ColumnistNovember 10, 2008

I've been a little inconsistent and sporadic with my articles lately, mainly because of school. So, as a different approach, I've decided to make a post every Monday in regards to the NFL and college football.

So here goes.

My Thoughts on The NFL: Week 10

1) First off, I want to make a comment about my hometown Falcons. Thank you Atlanta, for not only beating the hated Saints and improving to a 6-3 record, but also for still being curdious enough to allow Drew Brees to throw for over 400 yards.

My fantasy lineup of Brees, Roddy White, Jerious Norwood, and the Falcons defense and special teams, had a serious performance this week!

On that note, dont look past this Falcon defense at all! They gave up a google of yards on Sunday, but remember that New Orleans came into the game as the NFL's best offense and the Dirty Birds held them to 13 points...until the last six seconds when Lance Moore caught a hail mary! Woops!

I'm going to be honest with you. I did not think Matt Ryan had the arm strength to play in the NFL.

Maybe I'm just really used to watching...that guy who wore No. balls around the field like oranges for five years. But with Ryan in town, those "oranges" are all of a sudden catchable (and might I add so tasty!).

Matt Ryan has been incredibely impressive. This guy is a rookie! He found a loophole or something, because rookie quarterbacks dont do this kind of thing. I couldnt be happier with the Falcons performance so far this season.

2) On an opposite note, I cannot help but find the "car crash" (no pun, in reference to the motor city...okay, maybe it was) that is the Detroit Lions somewhat comedic. This team came into the year with playoff implications, and havn't even won a game.

I heard Detroit was having a "blackout" this weekend, and expected to see their black jerseys. Little did I know that meant they weren't even making it onto television. They took the oppurtunity to wear their beautiful throwbacks instead.

Well, glad we got to see those Detroit. Try wearing them when people actually get the chance to see them!

Honestly, I think Detroit could pull off the unthinkable this year, and go winless. I know its difficult. The Dolphins gave it their all for the goose egg last season. But, Greg Camirillo accidently found a crease and the ball stuck to his hands. Camirillo could not slow down the wheels before he passed the goaline. Is it that hard to stop running?

Camirillo must have felt like the "sickest man in America."

Stopping a game winning TD catch might be tough for the Detroit Lions, because Calvin Johnson has alot more mass than Camirillo, and therefore will find it even harder to stop running towards the dreaded endzone (if in fact the time comes). However, Detroit did give half of that chance away when Roy Williams left. If the time ever comes to win a game, you dont want two guys with game breaking potential on the field.

3) Am I the only person who felt awkward with the Mike Singletary stuff going on? Seriously, hes a great guy and a hardcore football man. But seriously Mike! I think he went a little too far out on the limb, especially when he stripped the bark off two of his own limbs in the locker room.

He did what?!?!?!

If there is any parents reading, make sure you tuck you're kids in bed when the 49'ers play on Monday Night Football this evening.

If the 49ers fall behind too much, Mike Singletary might just go streaking onto the field and punch a player in the face. Nudity + Violence = Bad for children.

...okay, that might be a little too much. Mike Singletary is a guy I think alot of people would want to play for. I hope he has alot of success in San Fran.

4) One thing that has really intrigued me this season, is the lack of dominant teams in the NFL.

New England doesnt look like USC vs. the Pac-10 anymore. The Colts arent making defenses look silly.

San Diego has fallen off the map, along with the great LT. I havn't heard from Tomlinson this year, and frankly, forgot how to spell his first name. Then again, no one knows how to spell his first name...right?

Maybe I'm not so dumb after all. I wont question my level of intelligence however when I state that this years Super Bowl race is wide open!

Even Tennessee, the only undefeated team, is boring to watch. To put that statment into perspective, I nearly soiled myself everytime the Patriots played last season. They were that good, either that or I have health problems that havn't been diagnosed.

But how can you not contrast the undefeated Patriots of last season, and the undefeated Titans of this season, and see a completely different blue print for winning.

I am very interested in seeing how far the Titans get this season.

5) I really dont like all of he indoor stadiums these days. Nor, do I favor field turf.

The new buildings are quite impressive, but the elements are a vital part of sports.

Just look at the World Series this year. How about the contrast between the indoor field in Tampa Bay, and the weather-struck Philly home? We all know what happened with the weather in Philly.

Indoor stadiums just are not right. They are great, but dont go well with football.

Thankfully, most of the new buildings out there have retractable roofs. Make sure you let the kickers know that before kickoff. Do a kicker a favor; Tell him to look up.

But how many players do you think would rather play in the snow, than have that nagging rubber get in their shoes from field turf?

I would like to see the Falcons, Vikings, Lions, and Rams get outdoor venues. And, also, see all 32 teams switch to grass.

Well, that is all I have to rant about this week.

I just have one question.

How many players do you think couldnt help but chuckle when Singletary dropped the pants?