WWE Summerslam 2011: Why CM Punk and Beth Phoenix Need to Join Forces

Ben Gartland@@AngryKCFanAnalyst IIAugust 12, 2011

For anyone who has been paying attention to the dirt-sheets, it is a fact that WWE wrestler CM Punk and diva Beth Phoenix have been in a relationship for the past couple of months.

On Sunday, at the Summerslam Pay-per-view, both of the aforementioned superstars will be competing in title matches. Beth Phoenix for the Diva’s title and CM Punk, of course, for the WWE Championship.

In their recent promos, both have stated their displeasures at the current situation. Beth has had it with the “bimbos” doing booty pops and stink faces during matches. In short, she has been echoing what the IWC has been saying for years. She wants actual wrestling.

CM Punk has had it with “Superman” John Cena and the rest of the ass-kissers. He is driven to eradicate careful, PG doctrine and wants to induce a more electric feel to the WWE.

The WWE has a fantastic opportunity here to make some great television and continue the roll they’ve been on since Punk’s famous shoot promo.

CM Punk and Beth Phoenix need to become and on-screen power couple.

I mentioned this idea in my vlog on Youtube (Link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05vMgKSsmag) and it makes sense for three reasons.

1. It adds to the storyline

To make CM Punk and Beth Phoenix and on-screen power couple is adding a fresh variable into an already exciting storyline.

The only way this would work, however, is if both of them are successful in their
endeavors to win their respective titles.

Think about it, the WWE Champion and the Divas Champion joining forces would expand the possibilities for the routes of the storyline by a hundredfold.

We could see Cena pairing up with a bimbo, excuse me, a Diva and taking on Punk and Beth head-to-head.

We could see Triple H take action with, dare I say it, the possible return of Stephanie McMahon?

We could see the Undertaker and McCool become their own power couple! (Just kidding on that one)

It would add even more excitement to this fresh storyline, and would give more, unpredictable ways it could turn out.

What more could a fan want?

2. More focus on the diva division

Oh yeah, the fans would want that too.

For the longest time, the WWE Divas have not been given proper air-time to showcase their skills.

It’s what forced Gail Kim to quit, along with other things, and it isn’t doing these talented women justice.

To pair the Divas Champion with hottest commodity in the business right now would give fans a chance to see more of the divas division and more high profile feuds from the divas.

Pairing Beth with Punk elevates her to the main-event alongside him. It also elevates whoever is feuding with her up also.

The WWE hasn’t had a main-event match from the Divas since the days of Lita, but the time is ripe for another attempt.

With Punk by her side, we could see Beth vs Kelly Kelly, Eve, Natalia or whoever is brave enough to stand up to her.

It’s a solution to the Diva’s problem, and exciting at the same time! A win-win!

3. It benefits both characters

Power couples can sometimes be the greatest thing in a storyline (Triple H and Stephanie McMahon) or they can be lackluster (Santino and Tamina) but the addition of a companion gives both characters an extra notch-up.

Sadly, there has been a lack of real power couples. The only ones recently have involved Vicky Guerrero, which never seem to last terribly long. (Eric Escobar anybody?)

CM Punk and Beth Phoenix are both fantastic wrestlers and we know the former is a brilliant talker, so could Punk be the extra step needed to make Beth Phoenix legendary?

It would give Punk’s character an extra dose of compassion, if he is booked that way. It could give Beth the sense that there is someone she would proudly stand alongside with.
They could be a perfect couple, or one that has tension and argues a lot it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that this a great opportunity for the WWE to capitalize on, and they shouldn’t pass it up.

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