UFC 91 Brock Vs Randy: My Answer Will Shock You

Jaime MorenoCorrespondent INovember 11, 2008

This Saturday, the UFC is back in Las Vegas for UFC 91 which will feature what is deemed the “Biggest Heavyweight Fight in UFC history”.  The match-up between Brock Lesnar and Randy Couture is indeed larger than any other fight the UFC has ever had.  The truth of the matter is it couldn’t be coming at a better time. 

Last month saw one of the most disappointing PPVs in recent history with an uninspired performance by Anderson Silva.  The month before that Elite XC had a network show on CBS that was highlighted by the most recognizable MMA fighter today in Kimbo Slice going down to little known Seth Petruzelli. 

MMA as a whole needs this fight and the UFC will stand to make a ton of money because of it.   Now we all know and love Randy Couture, but to just say he will win without truly analyzing the fight would be dumb, which unfortunately happens in this site and many other MMA sites.  So here is my take on this fight.

I think that assuming Randy will win just because of his experience is overrated.  The truth is he is 45, has had over a year off, and has never faced someone with the size and strength of Brock.  So for arguments sake, let’s take experience away and look at who Randy has had losses to. 

For me, looking at the losses is more important so if we look at that, we will see that three of his UFC losses were against lighter fighters.  Chuck Liddell has two of those wins against Randy and in those days Chuck was KO’ing everyone, so let’s disregard them, along with a loss to Victor Belfort because that was due to a cut. 

The two losses that would give me something to worry about were against two big heavyweights with very solid wrestling pedigrees.  Josh Barnett and Ricco Rodriguez beat Randy when Randy was the top of the Heavyweight food chain, and they both beat him convincingly. 

Randy was able to take Josh down however he never really controlled him.  With the Ricco fight, yes Randy was able to take him down but was never in anyway close to finishing the fight, he mainly laid and prayed him till Ricco reversed things on him and got the submission.   Brock’s weight advantage is probably going to be both Barnett and Rodriguez’s weight advantage over Randy combined.  This is not a good thing for Randy.

If there is one advantage Randy has over Brock it's in the striking category.  Moreover, his dirty boxing, thanks in large part to his great Greco-Roman wrestling background are where I see him softening up Brock.  If he can get inside and use his dirty boxing it can lead him to the victory. 

That, people, is the only place he can win. Nowhere else.  The question is, can he even get in close to use that advantage?  For his sake I really hope he can. 

So now I will list the categories that will determine the fight:

Striking—This goes to Randy. He has good head movement and has dropped more than his share of fighters.  Brock has never been tested standing up, so we don’t know what type of chin he’s got

Submissions—Even really. Randy has submitted two fighters but he isn’t a Jiu-Jitsu mastermind, and we don’t know what kind of fighter he is on his back.  Brock has said to be getting better but who knows.

Wrestling—Brock has this one.  Yes Randy is world class, but it’s a different animal when the guy you are trying to wrestle outweighs you by over 50 pounds and has just as good of an amateur background. 

Stamina—Again Brock on this one, and the reason is his time in the WWE.  To travel and be as competitive as those men and women do you’re going to out stamina anyone.  This dude is a freak of nature and should not be overlooked

Power—Brock by a landslide on this one.  I would venture to say that no one in MMA is as strong as Brock. 

So my verdict is this.  The only way Randy wins is by stretching the fight to the championship rounds and winning via decision.  He will have to use his wrestling to keep it standing and just try his best to punish Brock.  Judging this not as a fan of any fighter but as a fan of the sport of MMA I have to be honest and say that I don’t think Randy can keep it standing. 

I think that Brock will be able to put Randy on his back and keep him there so long as he wants.  Believe me people it kills me to say this.  I just think that Randy will be too small and too old to beat Brock.   Brock Lesnar wins via Unanimous Decision 50-45.