Cesc Fabregas Finally Signs for Barcelona with a £175 Million Buyout Clause

Daniel GoochAnalyst IAugust 15, 2011

The long running show between Arsenal and Barcelona has now finished, with the signing of Fabregas to the Spanish side for the next five years.

The two sides have been at each other's throats for the last few seasons. There were lots of rumours and speculations, but after he completed a medical this morning, he was unveiled to 30,000 supporters at the Nou Camp in his No. 4 Barcelona shirt.

It looked like the Spanish giants want to keep their new star player, as they have but a £175 million buyout clause into Cesc's five-year contract.

This move has been happening for a while. Since he was seen in a Barcelona top at the World Cup, the move has been inevitable.

Arsenal will be very unhappy about the Spaniard leaving. They have lost a big asset to their team, and they didn't even get the £40million that they were asking for. 

The 24-year-old will be hoping to hit the ground running this season. The eyes of the footballing world will be on him for his debut.

In his first news conference at the club, he said he was very excited to be there and that he will try his hardest to help Barca win even more trophies.

He also praised his former club and manager, saying, "All I have are words of gratitude. I'll never forget what they have done for me, I gave absolutely everything to the club and I think they know that."

Cesc Fabregas will have to start how he left back in England. The World Cup winner has to show that he was worth all of the work Barca put in to try and get him.