An Arsenal Youngsters 3; Wigan's Best 0

Benjamin RogersAnalyst INovember 12, 2008

I have decided to write my usuel Arsenal Youngsters special after another great night for the young guns.

For a long time know I have been writing and telling friends that the future is in the Arsenal colours and despite great discussions and arguments from the majority of jealous Spurs, Man United and Chelsea fans many people have agreed with me.

I have long been shouting the names of Vela, Wilshere and Randall and think that stars like Simpson, Ogogo, Gibbs and merida are starting to impress me too.

Arsenal 3-0 Wigan

Arsenal looked great from the beginning and really made Chris Kirkland work to keep a clean sheet. A great number of strikes were made at the Wigan goal but give credit to Wigan they held on. However as half time drew close a great finish by Simpson saw Arsenal take a 1-0 lead into the second half.

Going into the second half then, and about half way through Wigan claimed a penalty shout when jumping to head the ball, Djourou accidentaly touched the ball with his hand.

However, and I'm saying this in a non-biased fashion, his arm and hand shouldn't of been so high, but, it is clear he tried to move is hands and arm out the way of the on coming ball, but he was too slow. However, the penalty wasn't given and the game went on and Gibbs strait away came close at the other end for Arsenal.

It wasn't long before Arsenal were up by two and the goal was a great break away. With Wigan presuring the Arsenal goal the ball was cleared and strait to an on fire Vela, who dribbled the ball to the Wigan back post and unselfishly passed it to Simpson, who's calmly placed belter flashed paced to Kirkland and sent Arsenal 2 to the good.

The 3rd goal was a piece of magic from the next great striker to wear an Arsenal shirt and yes, it was Vela. Spoting Kirkland of his line and being pressured form a Wigan defender, Vela whipped the ball up and over Kirkland and into the Wigan goal, a goal which left Kirkland with no chance and stairing into space he looked stunned.

The match wasn't over however as Wigan went in search of a consolation goal and if it wasn't for a spectacular double save by Fabianski they would have got it. De Ridder let loose with a smashing strike at the young Polish star but the ball was parried to his left and then fell to Zaki who you would of bet your house on scoring but stretching to reach the ball he could only hit it back from were it came from and fabianski superman style proped the ball against the crossbar for the Arsenal defenders to clear.

So over the whole of the game and the whole of the pitch the next Arsenal Generation played brilliantly.

My Player marks

Fabianski = 8/10, Hoyte = 7/10, Song = 7/10, Djourou = 7/10, Gibbs = 8/10, Wilshere = 10/10, Randall = 8/10, Ramsey = 8/10, Merida = 8/10, Simpson = 10/10, Vela = 10/10.

subs: Bischoff = 7/10, Lansbury = 7/10.

Another great night for the Young Gunners and I'm sure that next season we will see the likes of Wilshere, Simpson and Vela progress to the main arsenal starting line up.

I'm reminded of the tail the Tortoise and the Hair, while the Hair(other Premier league teams) rushed ahead and bought todays great stars, the tortoise(Arsenal and Wenger) spent along time on the path on Stars of tomorrow and when the Stars of today got tired and retired the Tortoise and tomorrows stars won the race.

As always hope you enjoy the article.