In-Ring Laughs: The 20 Funniest Wrestling Personalities Of All Time

Demetrus StokesAnalyst INovember 12, 2008

We've now come to know professional wrestling as "Sports Entertainment." And for those of us who are true wrestling fans, we know that over the years there have been some wrestling superstars who have truly entertained us.  Below is my list of the Top 20 wrestling personalities who have made us laugh over the years.  Feel free to comment and add who you think should be or shouldn't be on this list.


20. Eddie and Chavo Guerrero: Over the years Latino Heat has had some funny moments in the WWE.  The "Lie, Cheat and Steal" gimmick with his nephew Chavo was one we'll never forget.

19. The Hurricane and Rosey: Two grown men dressing up like superheroes was funny enough for me. But when one of them is known as 'Super Hero In Training' (put the acronym together), it made for quite the laugh.

18. Chris Jericho: Y2J was hilarious during his feud with The McMahon-Hemsley regime.  Who else could call the bosses daughter a "Trash Bag Ho?"

17. Goldust: One of the weirdest characters in WWE history, Goldust certainly provided some moments of comedy.  Who can forget him teaming up with Booker T (Booker T and Goldust At The Movies), and the storyline where he developed a stutter? 

16. Earnest "The Cat" Miller: "The Cat" had a series of funny skits in WCW including a "dance-off" with James Brown.  The Billy Blank-like videos were hilarious too!

15. Ron Simmons: One word.....DAMN!!

14. Booker T: Anytime you have a black man from Harlem speaking like an Englishman, it has to be funny, right?

13. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan: One of the best managers of all time had his really funny moments as a color commentator. A classic moment was Heenan trying to get into the very first episode of Monday Night Raw in various disguises. 

12. Jerry "The King" Lawler: The Hall of Fame color commentator is know for dropping funny lines on Monday Night Raw. And who can forget, he loves...PUPPIES!!

11. Kurt Angle: He had some funny moments in his WWE days, most notably with Stone Cold Steve Austin and "The Alliance."  Soaking Austin, Shane and Stephanie McMahon with milk was pretty funny.

10. Vince McMahon: From the strut to the "Kiss My Ass Club," Vinny Mac is the boss from hell.  But he's pretty funny. 

9.  Gillberg: Personally one of my favorite funny characters of all-time.  The parody of Bill Goldberg is laugh-out-loud funny!  From showing the backstage walk to the ring, the pyro (well sparklers), the fake name chanting and the fire extinguisher, Gillberg was always next! 

8.  Edge and Christian: Before they became "The Rated R Superstar" and "The Instant Classic," Edge and Christian were one of the funniest heel tag teams around.  Who will ever forget the "Five Second Pose"?  One thing is for sure, this duo Reeked of Awesomeness! 

7.  Santino Marella: He is the self-proclaimed "Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All The Times" and his girlfriend is stronger and tougher than he is!  Marella introduced us to the Honk-A-Meter and is the current King of comedy in the WWE. 

6. Rowdy Roddy Piper: Our favorite kilt-wearing wrestler is an all-time great. And even though I never understood anything he said when he talked, he was funny nonetheless. 

5. Ric Flair: He "styled and profiled," and is arguably the greatest wrestler of all-time.  But he could also be crazy in the ring with his mock elbows on the ring mat, and that crazy frontward fall he always does. 

4. DX: The original crew of Shawn Michaels and HHH were known for wreaking havoc throughout the WWE.  Later, X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws were added to the mix and added to the chaos.  DX's invasion of WCW is still one of the highest rated segments in RAW history.

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin: What?...What?...What?  Stone Cold showed us a more comedic side of him when he joined "The Alliance."  His duets with the Rock were classic! 

2. Mick Foley: It started with Dude Love and then after switching back to Mankind he introduced us to the world's most famous sock "Mr. Socko."  He was a thorn in the side of Vince McMahon and The Rock over the years, but it made for some very funny moments.

1. The Rock: He'll check you in to the "Smackdown Hotel," which is on the corner of "Know Your Role Blvd." and "Jabroni Drive".  The Rock tops the list as the funniest wrestling personality of all time.  His one-liners are classic.  Who can forget him calling Kevin Kelley "Hermie," or his classic interviews with The Coach.  There are so many memorable Rock moments.  Too many to name.  If you haven't seen his DVD that the WWE released a few months back, you don't know what you're missing!