All Out. Florida or Texas?

Ching XieContributor INovember 12, 2008

Whoo. With another upset-filled college football season, another reason why we should have a playoff system, but I’m not here to talk about that.


I’m here to talk about two of the nation’s best college football teams…Florida and Texas.


It seemed just like yesterday when everybody had these two teams on their ballot to reach the National Championship game.


Think again.


With Florida and Texas both in one of the toughest conferences in the nation, it’s no wonder they both are “defeated.”


In other words, both of these teams have a loss on their records. So who’s better than the other? Let’s see.


Florida and Texas both have one loss. Texas’s loss came from a last second TD against Texas Tech and Michael Crabtree, 39-33 Red Raiders. Florida’s one loss comes from a blocked extra point by Ole Miss in the fourth quarter with about two minutes left to play, 31-30 Ole Miss.


So as you can see, even though both of these teams have a loss on their resume, the losses are surprisingly close and heartbreaking.


Let’s study Florida for a second. Florida plays in the toughest conference in the nation. To get out alive of the SEC you need to have your A game every single day. Florida proved to the nation that they could hang with the best by pounding LSU 51-21 and just flat out dominating Georgia 49-10 in what was suppose to be a close game.


Florida so far has had no consistency problems throughout the season. They defeated a Kentucky team, which almost stunned Alabama 63-5. The Gators have shown that they have the offense and the defense to get it done. Florida is scheduled to play Alabama in the SEC championship game and there’s no doubt that the winner of that game should go to the National Championship game.


Now let’s look at Texas. As everyone knows, Texas has had that tough four-game schedule against Oklahoma, Missouri, Oklahoma St, and of course Texas Tech. The Longhorns proved that they’re one of the best in the nation when they edged out Oklahoma 45-35 at home.


The next two games were both in the national spotlight and the Longhorns took care of business against Missouri easily winning 56-31 and barely passing Oklahoma St 28-24.


Four tough wins in a row?


Nope. On their fourth game, the Longhorns ran out of gas against a fired up and readied Texas Tech team.


The Longhorns put up a miserable six points in the first half, putting themselves in the position to make the comeback of the season. Almost! But I guess almost doesn’t count in college football does it?


After Texas had a valuable chance to pick off Graham Harrell for the game winning…whoops! Freshman mistake.


That allowed Texas Tech to steal the game with one-second left on the clock with a 28-yard Michael Crabtree TD.


Although Florida is ahead of Texas in the USA Today Poll, Harris Poll, and the AP Top 25 Poll, Texas is ahead of Florida in the BCS. I guess that’s all that matters right? The BCS.


So you decide…losing because of a blocked extra point in the SEC in the fourth quarter or losing by a last second TD on the toughest 4 game schedule in the nation…