Conference Realignment: Texas A&M's Mutiny Spells Doom for the Big XII

Keenan WomackContributor IIIAugust 19, 2011

Football's war, and Texas A&M is Benedict Arnold
Football's war, and Texas A&M is Benedict Arnold

In the midst of the recent controversy at the University of Miami with Nevin Shapiro, the Scarface of college football boosters, much of the Texas A&M-SEC talk has been pushed to the wayside.

In case you haven't been paying attention, Texas A&M, although the SEC voted against adding them for now, will very likely receive an invitation to join the SEC once the conference can find another school to add to the Eastern division.

Now, everyone knows the two big shots in the Big XII, that being Texas and Oklahoma, will be fine no matter what happens to their conference, which will likely collapse if the turncoat Aggies decide to proceed with their mutinous plan.

Oklahoma and Texas will either join the Pac-12, Big Ten or both go independent; they will stick together, as the Red River Shootout is a tradition that both schools agree should be kept alive (neither team will join the SEC; they offered Oklahoma an invite which the Sooners declined and Texas revenue makes it so that they can join any conference they please). 

These two schools will be fine. It's the rest of the Big XII that needs to be worried, other than Missouri (Big Ten will offer them) and Kansas (their basketball program is extremely valuable; they will get offers as well).

As for the Iowa States and Baylors of the world? Things may be trickier for them.

Here is what I predict will happen to the smaller schools in the conference:

Baylor: Baylor will likely join the MWC, as it is far better than the WAC. The Mountain West, with the additions of Boise State and Fresno State to account for the loss of Texas Christian to the Big East, will be a conference caught in between mid-major and BCS conference status.

Iowa State: Iowa State will have to hope that they're offered a spot in the Big Ten, which isn't a done deal due to Iowa State's almost constant inability to finish a season over .500. They may end up in the MWC or WAC as well, and, in a worst-case scenario, the MAC.

Kansas State: The Wildcats will likely try to follow Kansas into whichever conference they move to. If they aren't offered a Big Ten spot, hello MWC.

Texas Tech/Oklahoma State: Both schools of roughly the same athletic value will end up in a solid conference, probably the Pac-12 with Texas and Oklahoma.

As for the future of the Big XII Conference itself, only time will tell. It could be that A&M never gets that invite and that they continue to whine about Texas' network and fail to deal with their problems head on. It could also be that the bigger teams in the conference leave and that the Big XII picks up teams like Houston, Tulsa and Texas-El Paso to create a mid-major conference.

Any way you look at it, the Aggies betrayal can mean only further trouble for the already sinking ship that is the Big XII Conference.